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Fast food diet: How does it affect your brain?


Almost everyone like to feat on the delicious and alluring junk foods. However, these so-called fast foods can have a very bad effect on your overall health including your brain. The intake of these foods can lead to some very serious health issues including depression and hyperactivity. Explore this article to know how eating fast food affects your brain.



Eating fast food diet can be one of the reasons for your depression problems. The main reason behind this being the fats found in such foods. According to Dr. Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, the trans-fatty acids found in the junk food block arteries and also cause depression. This imbalance in the content of the fatty acids results in depression in most of the people. The advisable ration of fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids is 9:1 which is suitable for consumption. The increased amount of fatty acids to that of the omega 3 fatty acids leads to poor physical and mental health.



Fast foods are devoid of Omega 3 fatty acids. This is responsible for poor mental health as it creates anxiety and depression. To add to this, refined carbohydrates that are abundantly present in the junk food may cause changes in the blood sugar level. The double distress should be carefully avoided by eating a balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients. Thus, you can feel anxiety, trembling, confusion and fatigue.

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Along with the depression and anxiety, eating fast food can also result in hyperactivity. According to a review published in the “Clinical Pediatrics”, the artificial colors and preservatives including sodium benzoate used in such foods are the main reason behind such a mental state. In fact, although the sugar is still not been clinically proven to play any major role you might be aware of the sugar rush that makes you feel aggressive, anxious and tetchy.


More Healthy Choices to go for:

Although many fast food restaurants try to impress you by offering a healthy menu, they might not be really doing so. Most of them serve food that has very high content of sugar and fatty acids. It would be best that we prepare our favorite food right at our home by using healthy ingredients, because after all “Health is Wealth”. 


Fast food may be delicious and alluring, but it also has some negative aspect that can cause various health issues.

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