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How to lose annoying belly fat in just six weeks

A large number of people around the world suffer from the excess belly fat that resembles a spare tyre and is seriously very unhealthy.It is evident from various studies that the fat deposits around the abdomen are the most dreadful are an open invitation to health disorders like elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diabetes, Alzheimer and even cancer.


Here is a special diet plan for those who want to get rid of their threatening belly fat. Poor diet can lead to a fatty liver, insulin disorders and hormonal imbalance. To handle your body condition cleverly, you have to begin the first week of your diet with homemade protein shakes that aim at reducing the fat built-up of the liver thus enhancing the metabolism. The shakes trigger weight loss and reduce insulin levels.

This is followed by the second week plan that focuses on the intake of high amounts of protein but low amounts of carbohydrates to lower fat storage and enhance metabolism.


The details of the diet plan are as follows:-

Week 1 and 2:-

Three protein shakes per day – one meal a day (containing fruits and vegetables with protein)

Diet – Breakfast (omelet), Lunch (Grilled chicken breast), Dinner (Grilled steak with roasted asparagus and cauliflower puree)

No – alcohol, caffeine, unnecessary medications

Drink – lots of water

Sleep – for 7 hours every night

Include – multivitamins and mineral supplements daily


Week 3 and 4:-

Three meals a day that contain – high fats but not dairy products, low carb fruits and vegetables, avoid grains and starchy pulses

Can – have alcohol and medications but less frequently and 2-3 cups of caffeine are allowed

Continue – drinking water and vitamins, and salt intake

If hungry – eat fat and protein but not vegetables

Diet – breakfast (hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon OR butter fried eggs, lunch (Burgers unlimited and crisp bacon OR rotisserie chicken with salad), dinner – (Grilles salmon steak with asparagus spears OR lamb and pepper kebabs)


Week 5 and 6:-

Can enjoy unlimited meat, fish and eggs

Can – include full fat dairy products and moderate amounts of alcohol

Continue – intake of multivitamins

Start – starchy vegetables and grains in controlled amounts, beware of confectionaries like sweets, pies, biscuits and cakes.

Diet – Breakfast (smokes scrambled salmon with cherry tomatoes and capers), lunch (hot dog with bun and half-cup coleslaw), and dinner (stir fry pork and vegetables with miso soup, berries and whipped cream)

When you get to the end of this diet program, you can either continue with the last two weeks of the plan or alternate every other day with week 5 and 6 plan by replacing one meal by one shake.


With a proper diet plan, you will be successful in getting rid of the unwanted fat and come back in shape. However, it is important to consult your GP before beginning any dietary program.

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