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Nuts and their nutritional value for women

According to USDA, different types of proteins should be part of every woman’s diet. Nuts are a type of protein food with several health benefits and in many clinical studies, it has been found that nuts are beneficial in reducing risk of some types of cancers as well as cardiovascular diseases. Nuts are also useful in stopping overeating since they have high protein, fiber and fat that assist in increasing satiety. Different types of nuts provide different benefits and proper knowledge about nuts can help you decide which ones to consume.

Healthy Nuts for Women

Let us now look at various nuts and the nutritional benefits they provide:


Walnuts: These nuts are rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 in similar amounts as present in Salmon. Some of the health benefits of walnuts include improvement in brain functions, lowering possibility of cardiovascular diseases and shield from Type II diabetes. Walnuts also have Vitamin B6 and ellagic acid that helps to build immunity.


Peanuts: These actually fall in the category of legume and not nuts. Peanuts contain the highest percentage of proteins at seven grams in every oz. These nuts also assist in lowering cholesterol levels and protect from different cardiovascular problems as well. Peanuts also have anti aging properties with high percentage of antioxidant known as resveratrol. If possible, use roasted peanuts since roasting results in increase of anti-oxidant levels in the peanuts.


Pistachios: These nuts are rich in protein with about six grams present in every oz and are the nuts with highest amount of fiber as well. Pistachios protect against cardiovascular diseases since they have large percentage of plant sterols, which help in lowering LDL cholesterol.


Almonds and Brazil Nuts: Almonds are rich in vitamin E that protects from stroke and colon cancer. Similarly, Brazil nuts have good amount of Selenium, which is useful in reducing breast cancer risk.


Cashews and Pecans: Pecans are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and Cashews are known for their high iron percentage. Similarly, hazelnuts are good for pregnant women since they have good amounts of folate that helps to prevent birth defects. Hazelnuts are also loaded with vitamin B and E, which can help to delay dementia. It also lowers blood pressure and assists in preventing chances of cardiovascular diseases. 


Nuts are rich in various vitamins, minerals and proteins and if you can add them to your daily food chart then results can be quite beneficial. Women are especially susceptible to many diseases and regular intake of many of these nuts can help to keep the nutritional balance in their diet.

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