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Tips to receive the right care during your stay in the hospital

Nobody likes to be in a hospital, especially if one needs to be hospitalized for a long time. Having a surgery or a seriously unavoidable sickness may leave you helpless and lost. Here are some tips for getting the best health care possible at a hospital for you or your loved ones.


1.You have a nurse appointed for you from the beginning till your stay at the hospital. Knowing your nurse’s name should be your primary requisite because, the nurse is fully aware of you, your diagnosis and your location in the hospital.

2. Make it sure that the nurses are always engaged in your well-being and taking your care.

3. You should be acquainted with your nurse very well. See to it that they do their best in guiding you and helping you out from the onset of the treatment till the final discharge.

4. Bringing a family member or a friend along during your hospital stay is always helpful and beneficial, especially during your tests and normal day-to-day chores in the hospital where you need assistance.

5. Ask your family member or friend to maintain an updated record of your tests, important prescriptions and significant activities. This helps to keep in mind the doctor’s visit and his shifts. Thus, you can have a control of yourself and the happenings.


6. You should always keep along with you the most recent prescription of medicines to the hospital, even if you are going to be hospitalized.

7. Discuss your daily habits and requirements such as any special diet, home or sleep schedules with your nursing staff and doctor. They could thus take better care of you.

8. Be aware of your nurse’s change of shift, how she explains your daily routine to the next on duty nurse.

9. Ask your family members to know your nurse so that they can call at the hospital and enquire her about your health.

10. If you are alone, you should ask you nurse to be present during the doctor’s visit to give him your updates and to listen the instructions.

11. Before leaving, carefully ask the nurse for the final instructions and care to be taken at home.


If you follow these tips you will have a safe and secure hospital stay as well as these will help you once you are back home.

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