Using Killer Subject Lines to Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out

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No one likes to open an email without having a good look at the subject line first. In fact, it has been found out that nearly 35% of all email recipients actually read the subject line before deciding to read the email or send it directly to the trash folder.

So how do you make sure that your emails are actually being read instead of being sent to the trash? The answer to this question lies in the subject line of your email. And here are some extremely useful tips on what needs to be on a subject line and how you need to form it in such a way to attract clients.

Short and Sweet is the Mantra

No one has the time to read exceptionally long subject lines. If the recipient were to use a mobile or tablet to view the mail, chances are the subject line will get cut off in the middle as well. So make sure your subject lines are short, sweet and straight to the point. Rather than beating around the bush with a subject line that reads “The Order #5321234 that you placed on Saturday (12/12/2016) is being processed’, stick to a subject that reads ‘Your order is being processed’. You will be surprised to note how much of an increase in response shorter subject lines can generate.

Be funny at times

It pays to be quirky, creative and funny at times. In a world filled with sober subject lines, yours will stand out and have an immediate impact on the reader’s mind. Subject lines like ‘Do programmers dream of binary sheep?’ or ‘Who wants to be the rotten egg?’ etc. will have a greater response from recipients. However, this idea only works for people who share your wavelength. Hence, keep this relegated for targeted emails.

Don’t use one word subject lines

Unless you are writing an exam that requires you to answer in only word, do not use one word subject lines for your mails. A recipient will not be able to make out what your email is about with just a single word subject line like ‘Christmas’. Substitute it with ‘Christmas Cheers: Party on the Floor’ and you will be more verbose in communicating details to your peers. And stay away from blank subject lines at all costs.

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Choose the right time

It is imperative that you choose to send an email at the right time as this can create a huge difference in recipients choosing to open your email and read its contents. For instance, sending a prescription expiry email to a client months before the actual expiry date is not going to be of any use. Send the same mail two weeks prior to the expiry date and you will get a response for sure.

Use a personalized name

It has been shown that individuals are more likely to open an email from someone they know rather than from an unknown source. Do not use generic email ids as well as the ‘[email protected]’ id as this will create a less personable impression on your clients who will stop adding you to their contact list and block you off as spam.

Another trick here is to avoid using your name in the subject line and add the client’s name instead. A recipient will definitely feel happy on seeing his/her name in the subject line. This will create an instant rapport between the recipient and the company.

Keep good your promises

If you promise something on your subject line, stick to it. If not, you will risk losing your recipient base once and for all. For instance, sending an email with a subject line ‘Party @ 8 tonight’ will definitely interest your employees enough to open it. However, if it contains a message inside that states ‘provided you finish your targets for today’, your employees are only going to stop reading your future mails thinking they may contain such nasty surprises too. 

The subject line of an email is as important as the email itself. A proper subject line is the difference between a mail that is opened, read and responded to, and an email that is directly sent to the trash folder.

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