Understanding Online Advertising and its Types

online marketing types
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Advertising is an essential part of marketing as it helps to promote any service or product. It makes the use of internet to deliver motive and marketing messages to its customers. Social media networking, E-mails, and search engine marketing are the main elements of online advertising. Online Advertising has been recognized as the most efficient and effective medium of marketing because of its global visibility. It is one of the best and effective methods of attracting more and more consumers.

As the population of internet users is growing, more businesses and manufactures began to pay the attention to online advertising and spend a huge amount of money in order to make their advertisement more effective and post them over the web.

Online Advertising

It makes the use of internet as a communication medium between manufacturers and consumers. It deals with posting online advertisements on the web. In order to carry a proper and systematic function, publishers take various steps. It is entirely depend on the publisher and an advertiser, as publisher integrates advertisements into its online content and advertiser provides advertisements to be displayed on the web.

Types of Online Advertising


Banner advertising or web banner advertising makes the use of graphic images on websites. It is the most popular format for online advertisements because of its low cost in posting and designing. Banners ads are one of the earliest types of internet advertising available. This can be of any size and can fit most of the website layout schemes.

Rich Media Banners

Audio, video, and graphics are the main mediums of rich Media Banners. The main motive of this is to draw the attention of the customers by using video, graphics, effective sounds, and images. It provides new experience to web surfers through advances animations, audio, video, and advanced tracking. Moreover, it also invites people to interact from advertisements in order to gain more information about a particular produce and service. This type of online advertisement is comparatively expensive than banner advertisement as it depend on much more complicated multimedia technology.

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Pay per click Advertising

This type of advertising is an excellent alternative for companies who have sufficient sources of finance to spend on the advertisement. It helps to bring targeted traffic to the company’s website. It is beneficial if people are typing in keyword phrases that are related to the product and service of the company. This can bring a flood of traffic on your website and enables you to turn a profit.

Game-based Advertisements

As the many internet users play games on their mobile devices and this makes the online games a best medium for online advertisements. Apart from online banners, the publishers of game-based online advertisements use to publish their advertisements on the page of games. Most of the cases, players may feel annoyed with these types of advertisement.

E- Mail based Advertisements

Email has been considered one of the most important parts of marketing and advertising. With the increase of internet users, email is becoming one of the most effective mediums of online advertising. It helps a business to acquire consumers, sell, promote products, drive loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts. It is comparatively extremely cost-effective method of advertising. It is quite beneficial and effective for small businesses.

Social Media Advertising

These days, millions of internet users are using social media sites to connect with their family and friends. Social media is the best way to make aware the people about a particular product or service. It enables the business to cover the largest population with less efforts and it is very simple to implement.


Online advertisement is a vital element of marketing as it helps to promote any service or product in the market. Businesses can use any type of online advertising and these are some of the main advertising mediums.

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