Tips and tricks for increasing the conversion rate of visitors

conversion rate of visitors
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Sometimes the focus of online marketers is focused only on getting a steady flow of traffic. In their passion to attract more number of visitors they ignore conversion rates. Well, the ultimate and obvious goal of all your online marketing campaign is to make more sales. If the inbound traffic does not convert then sales figures can never go up.

With so many ecommerce sites trying to lure the consumers with fabulous deals, converting the traffic in to buyers has become a more difficult challenge. In the following you will find ideas and tips which have been helpful in increasing conversion rates for several online businesses.

Take stock of the situation first

Before launching a new strategy for increasing conversion rates, you will have to check where the conversion rates stand. Are your conversion rates lower than that of your competitors? If so then it is really a matter of worry. Find out from which type of device the highest numbers of conversion are coming.

If you have mobile optimized your website then keep a track of prospective customers buying products from their mobiles. Check how many people are using your shopping app if you have one. Segment the sales according to different devices. You also need to find out from which sources the traffic is coming to your website.

Make people trust you

Gaining the trust of buyers is a difficulty that every ecommerce owner has to face. You need to provide all the necessary information in a precise manner so that customers are able to trust you. Assure the visitors that they will not be spammed if they share their e-mail ids. Also tell them that your website is SSL encrypted and has got security logos.

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Such information suggests that your website is safe and will not pass on the private banking or credit card info of buyers to hackers. You should also offer an easy return policy to buyers within 30 days of purchase. This will also help in generating trust.

Test and try your call to actions

You should test a number of different calls to actions before using them officially. Use call to actions using well defined and easy to understand verbs. Vague call to actions will only create confusion. ‘Grab your copy’, ‘place your order’ or ‘Get the discount’ are effective call to actions which can increase your conversion rates.

Encourage users to share testimonials

Ask your buyers to share their feedback and experience by commenting on the product’s page that they have bought. This will help new visitors to get a better idea about the product’s performance and they too will easily get ready to purchase it. While shopping online buyers try to get quality assurance through the policies of the ecommerce and its customer feedbacks. Always reply to customer queries in online platforms and try to help them as much as you can.

Create dedicated landing pages

The online buyers have very little patience. So, if you are advertising a particular product and on clicking that ad, visitors are led to your homepage, be sure that the conversion rates will never increase. Online marketers who are using PPC ads and Google AdWords should build dedicated landing pages. Lead the buyers to exact pages they are looking for. This will help in increasing the sales figures. Give recommendations of similar or complementary products to the visitors. Make searching easier by creating an interactive interface.

Increasing the conversion rates ultimately translate into better sales figures and higher profits earnings. Use the right keywords, create dedicated landing pages, and make your website mobile optimized for better conversions.

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