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Drip Marketing
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Drip marketing based on emails is an online marketing procedure where a huge number of emails are employed to drip significant information to the prospective customers. You take these customers on a trip through your organization’s marketing channel. The emails are so designed that they are posted automatically when activated by customers preferring to receive your mails, downloading them or even opting to buying a product. Customer activation can be set to a definite time frame such as once a day, or once in a week for specific length of time. 

Drip marketing campaigns can be classified depending upon the nature of the content to the frequency and timing of the emails posted. They can be tailored to multifarious modes suiting the requirements of your organization.

Here we explore various forms of email drip campaigns:

  1. Educational drip campaign:

These are basically lead nurturing campaigns where the customers are fed with the knowledge on your product. The target is to fascinate them so that their liking for your product converts into sale.

  1. Promotional Drip campaigns:

Promotional drip marketing targets customers with incentives and rewardslike coupons and discounts.

  1. Top of mind awareness drip campaigns:

This type of drip marketing aims at impacting the thought process of your prospects and customers so that they seriously put their mind in your company and its range of products all over the conversion procedure.

  1. Shopping cart recovery drip campaigns:

This type of campaign is set off when a prospect places a product on the online shopping cart but doesn’t actually buy it. Here the emails shoot reminders or extra incentives to ensure that the customer makes the purchase.

  1. Re engagement drip campaign:

This type of campaign is aimed at drawing attention of prospective customers towards your company. These customers are those who haven’t been in touch with an organization and its products or haven’t received any marketing mails for quite sometime.

  1. Training drip campaigns:

This type of campaign is demonstrative in nature. Organizations send such drip to elucidate customers about how to use its products and services.

Benefits of Email drip campaigns:

Email drip campaigns have a large number of benefits like :
A) Ensures that the prospects take a step further towards theorganization’s conversion channel by providing them the right information at the right time.
B) Generates more sales qualified leads for your marketing department to work on.
C) Enhance sales and generate more sales revenue.
D) Helps retain your customer base for a longer period.
E) Offer more scopes to prospects and customers so that they give you the right and timely feedback on what they think about your organization.

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Leading global organizations have unique marketing strategies. They establish firm rapport between the customers and brand. They are well aware of meaningful data and its huge potential.

They always try and succeed in collecting invaluable data. They always go for novel techniques, apply innovative and transformative ideas to get the outcome the customers look for.

The benchmark addresses delivered by these companies reveal that:

– Business as usual (BAU) click rates fairly remaining constant , email click rates keep beating BAU click frequencies by almost 135 %. The email marketers find it hard to capture new subscribers in a typical list with no clicks or openings. As the consumers shift from desktop options to laptops, tablets, smartphones they are carrying the emails as well throwing competition as well as opportunities for marketers.

According to the quotes of a global high profile marketing executive, “Triggered emails have proved effective but it is high time marketers start using additional tools, technology and data available to them like adaptive content, timing matrices and social data integration to create compelling experiences at every touch point”.

Using the drip model:

The following are the steps for using your drip marketing model:

Locate the coordinates of your products and services with respect to its position in the market. Individuate them based upon positional reference. 7 P digital marketing mix can help you achieve your goal in this context.


To hammer hard on the brands’ utility, give a thought for backing up your message putting emphasis on why your product can outperform its competitors.


Make your customers conscious of your brand. Demonstrate the special features of your product emphatically. Inform them about their availability. Put contact details and mail references in case of further queries. If your product is new to the market, customer elucidation becomes imperative.


Persuade your customers to take a virtual tour through your website to make them acquainted with your product. Why should they buy it? They would if they find your product has a comparative benefit over what your competitor delivers. You may request them a free trial as well. All what you need is market penetration. Leave the rest to your product. If it is worth a try, it will speak for itself. 

A well formulated drip marketing campaign can create wonders in lead generation and sales conversion. You need to know the right techniques of formulation.

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