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There would be many who have faced the situation where your original content or articles appeared on other websites without offering you the deserved credit. While you may feel that you have been cheated, there is a good possibility that the publisher was misinformed or somebody made a mistake. However, you can always maintain your credibility through certain means so your content remains protected online. Here are some ways you can do so.

Branding articles using bylines

Whenever you produce a new article, make sure to brand yourself through it. The quality and quantity of produced articles also plays an important role while presenting you as an expert writer.

It is useful to brand your work through an author name or byline. Stamp all your articles with your author name so it passes on whenever your article goes through other channels. If you use multiple author names, then keep a track of them and all the articles published under each of those names. It helps you in proper branding. It also supports your case if your article appears on another website or online source. Branding proves that the content belongs to you as the original author.

Branding articles using resource boxes

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You can also brand your articles by matching their bylines with resources boxes at the signature line. When publishers use your article, it is mandatory for them to include this resource box at the end. If you have a created a solid resource box, then it offers strong branding to your content.

Along with your author name and unique selling proposition, you may also include your website and call-to action while creating a good resource box. Thus, your content is also branded when you develop an effective resource box to give recognition to you as the original author. This circulates along with the content so people can find you on the Web. A resource box also leaves good impression on the readers.

Communicate on content duplication

If you find that your content is used without crediting you, then you should first try to communicate openly with the site owner or webmaster. In many cases, it is an oversight issue and can be fixed easily.

If there is no action taken with two days, then you may go on contacting the website’s ISP/host. They should have an acceptable use policy. You may ask them to implement this policy.


At times when you find your articles published on other websites, you should not act in a hurry. Protect your content through effective branding and communicate with site owners if they have used it without credit.

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