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Building a digital reputation takes time, energy, as well as money and businesses worldwide, are well aware that the resources spent on doing so are not worthless, which is why they are constantly trying to engage their targeted audience by providing catchy content that is relevant to their organizations in terms of marketing and sales. Changing social dynamics and people’s perception of brands have fueled businesses to invest heavily on social media campaigns in order to connect better with their customers, employees and society.

Social Media and Business Marketing Come Along

With the internet virtually becoming an indispensable commodity similar to electricity, it is almost unwise for any type of business to ignore the significance of social media and online management today if they want to grow. For those who are at the forefront of digital technology today, it is difficult to imagine a world where these tools of social interaction are not at their fingertips. Well-informed and knowledgeable business leaders and entrepreneurs are using these platforms in order to connect to prospective customers, clients and partners for business and enterprise. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that everyone from start-ups to well-established corporations are eager and committed to making their presence noticeable on the internet today.

Data sharing across digital platforms is rising and so is the public concern for preserving data privacy. To address this issue, a more stringent regulation The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replacing the existing Data Protection Directive, will be enforced […]


As the owner of a small business, you need as much help as you can get without hiring specific people for specific jobs. You’re the accountant, marketing manager, customer service expert and social media marketer as well. The load of

Hacker attacks worldwide has made the internet a vulnerable domain. Existing ways to combat hacker attacks proved futile in many of the attacks. But now, blockchain technology may be the answer to fight even the most complex attacks. Many banks

Blockchain technology

Personal branding lets the world know many facets of your personality. Consistent personal branding helps your potential employers, business associates, or your customers to know about the person behind. If you are the founder of an organization, then your personal


The financial decisions you make now affects your financial health in the future. Investing, budgeting, saving, spending, retirement planning decisions are quite challenging. You have to be sure of your decisions so that you can benefit in the future. You

SaaS has proved itself over the past few years, as many companies have moved to the cloud. But SaaS has not grown noticeably in APM. As more companies migrate to the cloud and start adopting SaaS, you would be seeing

Most large corporations and businesses have jumped onto the social media bandwagon to promote their brand name and products. Social media also provides the perfect platform for these companies to get in touch with their customers and address any queries

Business Intelligence or BI implementation is a necessary part of a business in our century. Without procuring accurate and timely data regarding the different aspects of business one cannot take right decisions. Correct implementation of Business Intelligence allows entrepreneurs to

If you haven’t already heard of Periscope then the header of this article might surprise you. Periscope is a new and thriving social media platform and it is owned by Twitter, one of the most well-known social media giants. Twitter

Let’s admit once more that technology can save us in time of need. It helps in running a business smoothly. Small business owners can use mobile apps and low cost software for keeping a track of accounts and business administration

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