Mindfulness: The technique that can be a huge influence on your career

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Mindfulness has become an increasingly popular concept that is influencing companies and organizations all across the globe. Even some major companies including Google, Apple, Starbucks and Yahoo are under its influence, so let us understand what this revolutionary concept is all about.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an excellent technique that enables an individual to gain control of unruly thoughts and behaviors. A form of meditation that enhances an individual’s capacity to focus and to remain focused even when not practicing this form of meditation.

It reduces stress, stops making an individual feel out of control, eliminate negative thoughts out of one’s mind and stops one from jumping from one thought to another, rather enabling him/her to focus.

All these benefits of mindfulness make an employee calm and productive, which works wonders for an organization. This is why more and more organizations are turning to this noble practice for enhancing the productivity of their employees.

Reasons why mindfulness is becoming popular in the workplace

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Good organizations are those that not only are concerned about the productivity of employees but their welfare as well. Such organizations are incorporating mindfulness for their and their employees’ betterment. Here are the major benefits of mindfulness at the workplace:

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  • Relieves stress

Stress hampers an employee’s productivity and his health. It causes high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, heart disease, insomnia and a number of other health problems. Mindfulness cures it by bringing such individuals back in a calm and clear state of mind.

  • Boosts creativity

The creativity of your mind depends greatly on your mental state. You cannot bring out your creativity in a stressed or disturbed state of mind. You ought to be in calm and a composed state of mind for that. A state wherein there are no or minimal negative thoughts passing your mind and mindfulness enables you to attain such a blissful state of mind.

  • Improves the ability to focus

To excel at a workplace, one need to have an ideal ability to focus that enables one to concentrate on one thing at a time. Mindfulness teaches how to focus and avoid all distractions. This enhances speed and productivity, allowing an employee to work no less than a multi-tasker.

  • Makes you a better person

Besides being a prolific worker, an employee should be a good person as well. One who is compassionate and kind and works in harmony with the co-workers. Mindfulness helps making an employee a better person.

Mindfulness is constantly gaining popularity in more and more organizations. It is of tremendous benefit for both the organization and the employees.

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