Improving your professional skills with the help of feed back

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When you’re at work in an organization there are a number of chances to be praised at one instance and criticized at some other situation. Almost all employees execrate negative feedback. When they are informed that they haven’t accomplished their task up to the mark and has made certain issues in their work, the first thought that happens to any employee is blast to their ego. But it is a fact that criticism happens at work place and it should be taken up in the right manner by the employee.

The negatives and criticism should be taken up as a lesson which can further turn to be your key to success. In this scenario feedbacks can be the right solution which helps you improve your skills. Let’s run through a few aspects where feedbacks play a key role and help in enhancing your professional skills.

Ask your co-workers for feedback on your career skills

It is vital to work and achieve the goals and objectives of the organization and develop skills accordingly. To enhance your skills in your workplace a smart idea can be to receive feedback from your co-workers, as your co-workers who are present in your unit will know what is your strength as well as weakness. A feedback would open up your weakness and negative points where you require improvement. Think and work out on the areas where you require training and enhancement. By this way all your negatives can be turned into positives and excel in your career.

Ask your clients for feedback on proficiency

Clients are lifeblood for any category of business and maintain perfect relationship with them is important. You can also request your client for a feedback on your proficiency. The client would view you from his perspective and offer you feedback and ideas where you need improvement. By this way your relationship with the client would be made stronger and the client would also be satisfied with his deal with your organization.

Ask your family for character trait feedback

The behavioral characteristic is another aspect which plays a main role in an employee’s performance. Patience, anger, frustration, handling tasks and lot more have a great impact on work and work place. When you request a feedback from your family about your character traits, this will be very useful to improve your personal behavior and characteristics. Patience and peace are also aspects which are to be followed in personal behavior where many employees lack the same. Use these feedback and try to clarify your goals.

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Ask friends for feedback on strength and weakness

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Friends are a vital part of life and know what is your strength and weakness, ask them for a feedback for the same. Accept feedback whether its positive or negative and try to make necessary changes as it would bring in a great change in your work surrounding too.

Ask for skill rating on professional network

You may have a professional group online where you share your thoughts and ideas. Ask your professional network group for feedback on your skills. Understand the feedback points and be proactive to make necessary changes in you for success.

Ask your senior’s rate your weakness for improvement

Make sure to ask your senior workers who possess hands on experience to rate you based on your skills. Take up these negative feedbacks and work on them to improve and make it positive so that good bonding is accomplished with your managers and higher officials. This instance can be taken as opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your co-workers.

Ask your subordinates to scale your management skills

scale your management skills

To be capable of growth and eligible for further promotions make sure you ask your subordinates to rate your management skills. Management skills are mandatory for any organization where poor management skills may result in loss of job. Take up negative feedback and make necessary enhancements to show that your cooperative mature and able to make necessary changes. By this way your skills would be heightened.

These are a few tips which can be followed to help you improve your work place skills. Follow the same and make changes in your character and excel in your work place.

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