Five powerful reputation management platforms for businesses

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The internet has opened the doors for many businesses and merchants to create and manage online profiles in a bid to attract new customer and expand their reach. However, an online presence would mean the business would be subject to both positive and negative reviews which can have a direct impact on the business. Here are 5 such reputation management platforms that help create and maintain online reputations efficiently.


Price: Free

This reputation management platform can effectively track more than 8000 online sources from social media networks and community forums to even local and international blogs for comments or reviews pertaining to a specific business. It collates the data obtained from these sources to generate detailed reports, which can be used by the concerned business to check what their customers are talking about them online, how they are currently faring in the market, and where they would need to improve in order to better their competition. In addition to this, Marchex would notify businesses about inaccurate directory listings, thereby prompting these businesses to update the information regularly on popular websites.


Price: Customizable and depends on the client’s competitiveness, location and number of negative comment/reviews.

This particular reputation management platform empowers businesses to handle their online presences effectively. The platform makes use of a separate project manager for each client (aka each brand promoted by the business). These project managers in turn would take care of their individual clients, tracking down all comments and reviews pertaining to a specific client, deleting negative comments and recreating new, positive online comments in their place. These comments are then promoted through the platform’s online channels to different websites.

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Price: Ranges from $12 -$41 for a 6 month period

With the ability to track a business’s reputation in more than 50 of the biggest and most popular search engines, social networks and review websites, Yext is the perfect reputation management platform for SMBs. The tracking is done on a real time basis, with the results being updated periodically on the platform’s PowerListings dashboard. This would enable a business to effectively keep track on customer sentiments and how they change over time. The platform also allows the business to share certain reviews with the concerned location managers in order to ensure that issues like customer complaints or negative feedbacks are taken care of instantly.


Price: Custom pricing options start from $400 per year.

The desired choice for businesses aiming to maintain a polished online presence, Reputation.Com works along with its clients to monitor, track and collect comments/reviews about them. In addition to suppressing negative comments, the platform would also encourage satisfied customers to leave back positive reviews about the business, thereby improving the business’s online reputation tremnedously


Price: Tiered pricing options with discounts for chains, franchises and white-label partners.

This particular reputation management tool would enable a business to monitor all its individual stores, and the individual reputations of each one of them. Businesses with franchises and chains can thus make use of this platform to respond to comments (both positive and negative) pertaining to individual stores and act on them accordingly, thereby facilitating quick feedback. The platform also analyzes the business’s brand sentiment across different websites like Facebook, Yelp, OpenTable, Patch etc. and delivers the result to the specific clients on a daily basis via emails.

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