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Imagine working in an office alone – it is only you and your boss, and nobody else, and obviously your boss has his/her own cubicle. Dreadful? You would hate to work in such a work environment right? Even worse, imagine you do have colleagues, but you have never spoken to them, and you always hear them making party plans, weekend plans, discussing their personal lives, mocking over bosses, and everything else. Wouldn’t you just want to quit work, because you feel out of place? Well, instead of quitting, go mingle up with your peers, and then see the miracle – you will all of a sudden love your work place.

Importance of good friends at workplace

Friendly colleagues

It is very important to have strong friendly bonds with your colleagues and friends, so that you will feel like going to office, and plus, will have fun working with them. Colleagues form an important part of your professional life. Directly or indirectly they help to build or destroy your career. Hence, it is vital for any person to take efforts to mingle up with their colleagues and peers in the office.

The below given quick guidelines will help you to maintain the rapport with your peers at workplace –

Talk to them as much as you can

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In break times and during lunch hours, do not sit alone at your desk and eat. Go, sit with your colleagues in the cafeteria, and have lunch with them. Share your lunchboxes, eat what they have to offer, and have small healthy talks.

Stop forming assumptions about others


This is one sign that will take you on the negative part. Forming impressions and assumptions, before knowing them perfectly might hinder you friendship with that person.

Take your own efforts

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Do not be under the assumption that people will come and talk to you. Why do you want that to happen? Simply get up, go and talk to everybody around. Every week, walk around the office and talk to people who you haven’t spoken to before. This way people will like you, plus you will yourself feel fresh.

Keep few friends close

Keep few friends close

Apart from a work life and personal life, every human being desires for a good, strong social life. Thus, talk to everyone, but become close to few trusted people. Be a friend to them, share with them your sorrows, tensions, and happiness. Be there to support them when they are in trouble and celebrate with them in days of joy.

Be on the listening end also

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It is always not about you. Sometimes you speak and your peers listen, but at other times, it is important for you to be on the listening end. Allow you peers to speak out their tensions, and voice out their opinions. Being a good listener is equally important

Say thank you, and avoid negative thoughts

Negative thoughts in mind

Well, this is one important aspect to increase your social life at your work place. Whenever and wherever necessary, do not hesitate to say sorry, thank you and please – they are indeed magical words, and they do wonders. Also, ensure that you are not indulging yourself into negative thoughts, speaking, and gossiping. It might land you into unnecessary trouble.

Offer help whenever possible

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If you think somebody needs your help, and you are in a position to help, do not step back, go ahead and help them out.

Make sure that you are molding yourself according to the different cultures, and personalities of your colleagues. Do not hurt anybody’s sentiments, and at the same time, do not let your self-respect down. Have a healthy work environment in your work place by maintaining good positive bonds of friendship with your colleagues.

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