Diabetes Event – kNOw Diabetese – An Initiative 

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Residents of UAE came together under a month long initiative to combat the rising threat of the diabetes. A series of awareness talks and free health check-ups interspersed with interactive games aimed to acquaint the population about the perils of the disease in a bid to prevent its growth. Spread over four weeks, the campaign was built up through sustained activities to culminate in a day long intensive program on 14th November and had a central theme of ‘know diabetes‘.

Education was the central topic as continued medical education program across the various emirates educated the medical fraternity about the latest trends in the onset and management of the disease; while talks by medical experts at corporate organization, social clubs, and high footfall areas such as malls aimed to explain the condition to general population. A series of free health checks, consultations with doctors and entertaining yet educating games accompained the talks for the general population.

The final week of the campaign witnessed energetic activities, interactive games and edutainment shows at Ibn Batutta to encourage people to actively know more about diabetes.

The event was endorsed by Ministry of Health � UAE, supported by Green Crescent Health Insurance, Ibn Battuta Mall, NoVo Nordisk, Commercial Bank of Dubai and Jebel Ali Hospital. The event was conceptualized and executed by ExHealth.