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World’s biggest advertisements: The bigger, the better!

Gone are the days when bill-hoardings were just high enough. Technology travels miles with long hoardings stretched across the deserts to sky high signposts. Let’s take a look at what the mega length industrial mammoths do for grabbing attention. It’s a tight race to attract consumers. Some companies make sure that even the astronauts can see their ads.


Take the Nokia turn

Nokia has gone the big, up and close way to pop a few eyes out. To promote its mobile navigation products, Nokia has installed this ultra-big sign post near the London bridge. The sign post is as big as a double decker bus. Feeling lost? Nokia will point your way out.

KFC Chicken: Aiming at aliens!

It took six days to finish this massive landscape. Harland Sanders must have been ambitious. It has been created in the desert of Rachel, Nevada. Surely does it symbolize the hotness. You can view it on Google earth, but we surely don’t want aliens landing on our chickens, do we?

The Big Bill Board

The world’s largest billboard is situated in Dubai. This billboard is 1.5 kilometers long and undoubtedly grabs lot of eyeballs, not only because of its size but also because of the content. This lengthy idea is the brainchild of a marketing company named Ardoc. The specialty of this bill board is its eco-friendliness.

A Clean Shave: Gillette

This is the ultimate practical session. Gillett made sure everyone shaved clean. Over 6500 liters of shaving cream was sprayed over Roger Federer’s picture and then shaved off with lawn movers. Let’s hope there are no stubs.

Even deserts taste great with coke

To celebrate their 100 years of happiness, Coco Cola recreated their logo in the desert of Africa in North Chile with 70,000 empty bottles. Rather ironic that there isn’t a drop of coke left in the scorching desert.

Spill them all over 

Coops paints created this illusion of paint spilt over a building and in its parking lot . This building is situated in Columbus, America. It surely spells magic, doesn’t it?

The king of pop: Not just music records

Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ album breaks the Guinness record for being the world’s largest poster. It is spread over 2700 sq. mt. The king of pop is not alive, but is still turning heads.

Transformed Pyramid

The film ‘Transformers – Revenge of the fallen’ took a different path to promote the film. The Luxor pyramid, a giant pyramid of LA was made into a billboard. No doubt, the producers had a giant vision and they surely did succeed. The ‘billboard-pyramid’ is now regarded to be the world’s largest building wrap.

It’s a brand war out there and companies are leaving no stone unturned to grab people’s attention. From big advertisements to ambient, companies are going all over to stay on the top. What has been mentioned above are examples of ambient media, a medium of communication on road or physical media. This type of medium of communication crosses traditional borders of newspaper advertisements and television commercials and makes themselves visible where it matters the most for companies and people. For brands, the mantra is: The bigger, the better.

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