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Working smart in lieu of working hard can get you places

Working can be a grinding and groaning experience for many of us, given the multiple hours we put in giving effect to the assignments. We hardly find the time we much cherished to go out on a late night dinner with our partner or holiday in some nearby beach resort. The sheer burden of work causes in us monotony that in turn proves unhealthy for our job and often disastrous for our personal life.

The worse comes when we are relegated on the lowest levels of our organization while still others less hardworking move on. We feel cheated and even devastated. This makes us slumberous in attitude and monotonous in our approach. So let us work smartly in order to earn the benefits of recognition, appreciation and a raise in the organization-

Increase visibility

Do your peers and supervisors know you, or are you just one of the XYZ employees, passed off by them. Recognition of your work starts with this visibility. In a small organization, where compellingly each one knows the other, it might come easily. But in a big organization showing your worth can prove to be difficult.

Attend official functions, meet people and make friends in the office. Doing all this, will at the least give you a social tag. Roll in your achievements inside informal conversation. Speak in meetings, participate in discussions and when giving a presentation, make it a point to give examples from any of your previous assignments. This will slowly bring you in the forefront and lend recognition to your work.

Take challenging assignments

Do not mould yourself into the habit of taking up just any assignments that come your way. Dare to do something different. Take initiatives and inch your way up. Sometimes a single challenging assignment done is worth the whole graph of your career’s work.

Start with small and when your seniors see you as a potential talent, they will not hesitate to task you with more demanding jobs. These jobs are often very important to the reputation of the company and if done satisfactorily might even land up your name before the Board of Directors of the company.

Kiss the boss’s ass

idea is give happiness

The idea might seem ludicrous, but let us all admit it, without a fair share of your boss’s blessings you are nowhere near to rise. Some situations demand you to maintain more than cordial relations with the boss. This does not mean that you compromise on your principles, but creating a more informal environment with him has its own advantages.

Doing a task here and there for him, or sending in birthday gift flowers to him at his home, or even inviting him over for dinner to your home are some activates that if coupled with right professional approach in office will do wonders for your career.

Take relaxation time

Relaxing or taking break from your assignments is not a sin. You cannot keep your gaze fixed on the screen of the computer, even if this is what the employer demands of you. Take time off to have a short nap, or hang out with your crony colleagues in the office cafeteria.

Studies have even suggested that daydreaming in not something that should shame you. It on the other hand propels creativity and energizes the mind. And as ever, holidaying can do miracles to your sagging energies.

Think out of the box

Businesswoman standing in front of chalkboard with light bulb and box drawn above her head. Concept about ideas

Think of new ways of doing an assignment. Do not scamper to get every assignment done in time bound frame. You can give more time to the ones that give space to your creativity. A work delayed, but done well will earn you appreciation from the bosses. However, do not delay on every assignment. This will tell negatively on your reputation. Remember that every work you do should leave a stamp of your personality on it.

If you engrain these points in your work, you will never ever suffer from work blues or from disparaging feeling of sweat laboring out in work. You will also find a perceptible rise in your career graph, and the joys that had been deluding you, inching back to you.

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