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Using forum marketing as a tool for your business

In today’s digital age, online marketing is the norm and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all being utilized. Next to these social media platforms would be online forums. Online forums allow marketers to market content in an ethical fashion whilst ensuring it reaches their intended audience. Content marketing via online forums allows for interactive engagement.

Benefits of online forum marketing


While online forums have long been in existence, it has now turned into a powerful marketing tool. Online forum users are constantly on the lookout for new information from fellow users. Online forums have an interactive element that attracts users who are interested in obtaining feedback for content they have posted as well as to engage in meaningful discussion.

The potentials of having access to experts in the field are increased. Participation in bigger online forums allows users to gain access to an abundance of valuable information that may help business progress towards success. Online forum marketing allows business to enjoy increased sales.

Forums pay a critical role in the customers’ first stage buying process. Content on these forums allow customers to scour through relevant information, photos and videos. They also will be able to get feedback from past users. As such, when the experience is positive, the businesses concerned are likely to be able to enjoy increased sales.

Key tips for successful online forum marketing

Forum marketing is a high return of investment strategy as it has the power of creating positive impressions in front of a potentially influential audience. Below are some tips for business success through online forum marketing.

The first key step would be to identify appropriate forums. It is important to discern the right ones from the swarm of forums around and choose the right one for the business. Popular forums specializing in your topic can be selected. It might be worthwhile looking for forums that host at least 1000 active members.

Ensure that the forums selected are regularly updated and receive new posts daily. Seniority plays an important role in forum websites. As such, it is crucial to create an account as early as possible. Users who have been on the forum communities for longer tend to garner more authority than the more recent ones.

Success in the online forums is dependent on how valuable the businesses’ contributions are. Businesses should strive towards providing useful, constructive feedback and answers when asked questions related to their products and/or services. Businesses should use such opportunities to project their expertise and garner positive review. Once a business is regarded as a trusted expert, it will start receiving enquiries for recommendations. Through this, the business can be promoted.

Pitfalls to avoid


In the bid to take full advantage of online forum as a marketing tool, some businesses tend to fall into the trap of making mistakes. Firstly, businesses have to avoid getting offended at posts they may come across. Disagreements are bound to be present and this may make your topic controversial.

Remember not to engage in a never ending argument but instead continue focusing on building the business positively. Next, avoid copy pasting. If repeated questions have been asked, it might be tempting to copy and paste previously replied answers. However, the key is to be original and focus on building trust.

Online forums can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to bring their business to a whole new level.


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