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Things to consider when selecting domain name for online business

Domain name

Different people will remember and experience different things when they visit a website. It could be anything like some may remember the search terms, the website link, visual or interactive components and domain name.

Domain name provides a unique identity of a particular website but choosing a domain name for your site can be difficult. It is important to choose a name, which is unique, different and easy to remember.

However, it reflects the product and the service. It should be SEO friendly so that it could coordinate with it in a friendly manner.

How to choose a domain name for online business

  • The name of the brand and the domain name should be same so that people do not get confused between them. Sometimes, choosing a domain name can be challenging as it includes branding. However, branding can be tricky as you are establishing a new brand and your website identity. Therefore, it is important to keep similarities between domain and brand name.
  • Length of the domain name is very important as it has many advantages. However, it is always advised to choose a long domain name as it is more SEO friendly and can better describe your product. On the other hand, a short domain name is easy to remember and type into a browser.
  • In case, you find any difficulty in choosing a domain name you can add hyphens to the names. It is advantageous in several ways and the main advantage is that the search engine can better distinguish your keywords and will make your website more SEO friendly.


  • A website with a good domain name helps in presenting a good shop in front of your customers.
  • Having a domain name can improve your business in several ways as it helps your customers to remember your identity in a better way.
  • It adds professional authenticity and respectability as it is not associated with any other companies.
  • Domain name protect your identity, make your business a successful one, and decreases the risk of duplication.
  • A domain often speaks about your brand, product and also improves the image of the brand.
  • A good domain name also protects the brand from the brand abuse as it provides protection and identity to a particular brand.


A domain name is a unique identification string, which identifies the dominion and control of the brand on the internet. It also improves the image of a particular product or a brand.

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