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Techwave to decide the future of online marketing

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The official news agency of Iran carried a report stating that the parliament is likely to toughen some of the laws and make anti-establishment blogging an offence punishable by death. People who set up weblogs and sites promoting products and services might find it really harsh there but the rest of the world hopes to see brighter days ahead for online or interactive marketing. Over 50 percent of all pages on the Web are consumer generated. In near future, we’ll see less of the traditional linear marketing messages. Technology and the digital medium are allowing this to happen. Instead of going to a centralized hub where users are present in order to show off your offer or product, what if the users came to your site based on a qualified and highly interested search? The eCPM would be enormous if this happened en masse for a program.

The benefit from the advertiser’s standpoint is the level of interaction with the brand. It’s becoming part of everyday life. As the number of online users grows, and as the speed in which people connect increases, the online marketer will have many more tools available! A US study byeMarketer indicates that investment in advertising around the blogs will reach 746 million by the year 2012.

The prognostication is that web addresses will replace the phone number as the contact method of choice. Radio and TV commercials have started simply giving people a site address and no number in which to find more information. With Microformats coming of age, the concept of online marketing has taken a further stride.These are simple codes that one can use to identify specific kinds of data, like products, services, persons or events, in the webpages. Even smallermerchants will benefit from them who are innovating and looking beyond the traditional paradigm of partnering with a network and the network’s collection of affiliates and publishers in order to get traffic. These innovators will see the positive results of pull, rather than push, marketing online.

Source : Ideacreativa

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