Off Beat

3 Cryptocurrencies you may choose to invest in this year

When you hear the word investment, you think about buying a house, a car or putting your money into mutual…

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Opinion and Views

Ways to secure investments for the growth of your business

In entrepreneurship, investors play an important role as they contribute a lot in the working capital of a business. Working…

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Business Guide Latest

Ecommerce Startups Need Traction to Gain True Competitive Advantage

Many angel investors and ecommerce experts believe that entrepreneurs would need to add an important metric in their pitches if…

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Leadership Guide

Creative thinking can help entrepreneurs recover from effects of recession

Getting finance for any startup company is always difficult and even more so during recession. After recession, most of the…

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Branding Guide

Tips to make a successful employer branding strategy

Talent acquisition and optimization has become a priority of most of the employers nowadays. They have started believing in a…

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