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Quality or Quantity? Efficiency matters

An enterprise is being set and run them keeping in mind efficiency and profit as smoothly as possible. But employers are nothing without its employees. If the employee is cherished and satisfied with the environment of its enterprise then it automatically benefits the company. But now a days companies in hunger of quantity forgets the quality. Quantity comes with more number of employees but quality comes with satisfaction of them. It the quality is degrading then the employers should try their best to improve and satisfy their employees via various tips and ways given below.

Culture of open communication

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Your company offering an “open door policy”? Then it’s great and you are pointed on the right track. But sometimes this dogma or stratagem can be a bit out dated and at the end becomes hollow and the entries in the employee handbooks are rarely used. These are best for a first day at job environment. A milieu and culture of true and open communiqué and productivity will surely improve the results and the more of the employees. Encouraging these conversations, feedback departments and collaboration’s will boost up the productivity of the team and an individual as well.

Clutch feedback

Thinking that employees of the company are happy and enlightened with the thoughts and implementations being done by the management? Then that would be a great delusion. Employees always carry their own opinions and want that their opinions are not only addressed but implemented as well. It is also a good habit as a company few loo points of the employers come into light that the employers themselves are not known about. Some prefer websites and portal where employees can give their feedback while some hold idea sharing weekly meetings. It contrasts from employer to employer.

Encouragement, motivation, recognition

Employers work does not end up at giving targets and goals. He has a lot more to do then that. It would be a great practice to have a word of encouragement with the staff. Encouragement will boost up the energy level of the employees and will make them work better and in an innovative way. Loses are a part of work and if experienced then motivate the employee to do better than demotivating them. Also if the work done is being recognized via rewards or other means would be great.

Monotony? Break it

It is a true fact that the employees are hired on the basis of their skills. Burt working on what they are at best makes it boring and monotonous. This leads to the lack of interest in the work. Thus their monotony should broke with various means and techniques. Shift rotation and assigning new task would be a great exposure and interesting. This not only adds to their learning but also enhance the productivity of the business as well.

Valid Goals

Yes all the companies are based on goals and targets. But goals should be comprehensive, over-arching and motivating having fun. These goals should be set after a discussion with the representatives of each departments. The needs and requirements, their capabilities should also be considered before setting up any goal which at the end would prove to be idealistic and impractical at the end.

Thus these and various other ways would be a great effort via which the satisfaction and happiness of the employees can be maintained. These are not a hectic and budget consuming ways, yet would definitely increase the productivity and quality. Thus it’s not the infrastructure of the company that matters. What should matter to the employers should be the expectations of the employees that should be met. This would definitely increase the efficiency of the employees and the employer’s as a whole.

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