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On social media, personalize your content to get more attention

personalized content

A single marketing message or advertisement is no more enough to convince a diverse group of customers. The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are gone. Now to gain and hold the attention of your prospective customers you will have to personalize your digital and social media marketing strategies.

The idea behind personalized digital marketing is to respond to the customers according to their product viewing, browsing and buying habits. How much money and time each of the customers are spending and other personal traits will determine how you will approach them.

E-mail marketing is a part of personalized digital marketing. You will also have to reply to all the comments and queries of target audience in social media sites. Let’s find out how you can add the personal touch to your social media marketing efforts.

Relevant, inspiring and engaging Facebook posts

Facebook has recently changed its algorithm to make user experience better and declutter their Timelines. So, to keep your target audience hooked you need to post products and posts which are really desirable.

The posts on your business page will appear in the timeline of users only if they subscribe to the notifications. Sponsored ads are also helpful but small businesses cannot bear the cost of posting sponsored ads everyday. Even the customers now know which are sponsored posts and may unlike your business page if they are not satisfied.

To add a personal touch to your Facebook marketing campaign you should always respond to the customers as quickly as possible. Be patient to them and have a friendly approach. Diplomacy is the key of having good conversation with your customers.

Interact with visually appealing content via Pinterest

If you are a public figure, a designer or photographer, Pinterest can help you get a huge fan following if you personalize your efforts. In most cases, people create boards in Pinterest and pin pictures from different websites.

If you start uploading never seen before pictures, create photo stories, and offer original write ups along with the pictures people will be drawn to your boards more. You can also communicate with them and redirect the crowd to your own website by providing the link with picture description.

Ecommerce owners can create Pinterest pages and start pinning product pictures from their website. On clicking on those pictures the visitors will be directly led to specific webpage.

Tweet and then tweet some more

Every successful and experienced online marketer acknowledges the power of Twitter. If you tweet sufficiently and consistently then you will not just gain the attention of your customers but also solve their problems quickly.

Create a business identity in Twitter to answer queries and fix problems that your customers are facing. It will make your business appear more humane and the little errors will be forgiven.

Personalized emails focused on customer requirements

Studying your target audience and getting their personal facts should be an important part of your marketing strategies. Address your customer by their name instead of ‘Dear Customer’. This will instantly endear you a little to them. The list of products or the offer you send them should meet their personal requirements.

For example sending, a young lady an offer mail on sports shoes can be considered as spam but sending her a discount offer on evening dresses will be a good strategy. Monitor your customers closely to understand their personality and style. This will help you in properly interacting with them.

Personalized digital marketing is necessary for building a bond with the prospective buyers and earning their loyalty both online and offline. Personalized marketing efforts are also helpful in creating a strong brand image.

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