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Ideas to get marketing right in 2015

Ideas to get marketing right

In 2015, marketing strategies have to be smarter and sharper or else chances of gain from it will get decreased. Launching the wrong marketing campaign at the wrong time can put the reputation of your company in danger. Reviving and restoring the brand image after that will be really tough.

Think about the purpose of your marketing campaign and make sure that the products you are offering are ready to meet the expectations of your target audience. The competition for established companies and new start ups has become more intense this year. In the following, you will find five marketing tips for countering the competition and generating positive response.

Base your marketing decisions on ROI

The ultimate aim of every marketing strategy should be earning more revenues. Some startups make the mistake of focusing solely on engagement of buyers; but you will have to count the conversions and real time sales. The sales and marketing team should work in collaboration and help each other in understanding if the marketing plans are helping in turning potential customers into loyal buyers or not.

If people are responding to your marketing campaign without buying your product then the campaign has failed your company. Many times people like an advertisement without trusting the brand behind it. Focus on building a positive brand image that leads to higher rate of conversions.

Engaging target audience in Facebook

This year Facebook has made audience engagement even tougher. Reaching the target audience organically has become more difficult as Facebook is not allowing solely promotional content in the news feed of its users. The only way to break down the barriers is to create content that attracts your audience and keep them coveting for more.

Always respond to the queries of customers and use Facebook Insights for finding who your target audience are or rather who your marketing campaign is attracting. Ask employees to share and like the posts on your pages which will increase the visibility of your campaign.

Start Vlogging

Many experienced marketers have agreed that visual content is more effective than written content. Along with blogging and guest blogging you should also start video blogging in platforms like YouTube. Do not spend too much on vlogging.

Make simple videos spanning 3-5 minutes to explain the work you do, the service you provide, FAQs and answer the general queries of your target audience. Apart from blogging you can also use interesting pictures in your content and make it more attractive. Do not let the quality of your written content drop.

Helping should be priority

With so many companies trying to sell same or similar things, the target audience is tired watching, reading and listening to promotional content. Instead of glorifying your products focus on the problems faced by your target audience and earn their trust. Show them why they should trust your brand and pitch for it. Quality still reigns supreme over glossy words and marketing strategies.

Know your customer better


Thorough research is the key to knowing your target audience to the point when they seem like your family members. In depth understanding of your customer’s mindset, desires, needs and lifestyle will help you in launching a marketing campaign that that really works.

Identify your target audience; find which social media sites they are using and then start engaging them. Another key to success is being creative in your marketing approach. Think out of the box and cover an aspect which has been overlooked by competitors.

Marketing has become more difficult in 2015 with so many platforms and intense competition. Identify your customers and connect with them in innovative ways. Your marketing campaigns should be based on ROI.

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