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Five brilliant lessons of the SMMW13


The social media marketing world conference has brought a great change in the thoughts of PUBLIC. Various experts have shared their thoughts, ideas on SMMW 2013. In fact this is one of the most interesting gatherings of the year 2013. As this conference includes more 49 sessions, in which various experts have participated to share their view. Here are some of the best takeaways and highlights of the conference.


Dave kerpen: The presentation given by Kerpen had become the hot topic in NewYork Times. He said that the words ‘im sorry’ and ‘thank you’ plays a very important role in a person’s life. He also said these are the 2 important words which you need to remember to achieve heights in social media. People need to be either thankful or apologetic in social media according to Dave Kerpen. These 2 words count a lot to lead your journey in SMMW13.

Guy Kawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is a great author, entrepreneur and publisher who have lots of reputation in the marketing world. This great personality is usually referred to as leader of marketing thoughts as he is very efficient in predicting the upcoming trends and making key recommendations. One of the most precious suggestions which he gave to the marketers includes getting started in google+ yesterday or building your presence in google+ yesterday.

Lee Odden: As the content marketing and social media marketing have got a great demand these days, most of the discussions were on them. Odden discussed various tips on how to improve the content startegy. Some of the tips which he shared include

  • Follow a plan
  • Measure progress
  • Continually optimize

According to him the marketers should use an editorial calendar and planning takes him miles ahead of the other marketers in the world.

Smith Mari: Smith is truly one of the best social media influencers of the world. She recommended the marketers to experiment with different posting times and content formats in order to travel in this field successfully. She said, face book followers are very much necessary for a marketer. Smith said that the content is a king and engagement is a queen. Thus engagement is very much needed in order to lead a successful career in the SMMW field.

Joe Pulizzi: He is one of the legends in the field of content marketing. He spoke in depth about the trends of content marketing. According to Pulizzi the great content writers are those who put their efforts together to bring out interesting content to the visitors.

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