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How to defend your brand online

As the internet is expanding, it has given rise to brand abuse. In this world of digitalization, the business impact of this brand abuse is immediate and sweeping. Therefore, it is better to consider these strategies in order to advance your brand protections and defend your brand.

Standard Domains

A good domain name provides a unique identity of a particular website. It is important to choose a name, which is unique, different and easy to remember. It should be SEO friendly so that it could coordinate with it in a better way. Every brand needs a strategy to address them and domain name is best to identify the brand.

Rethink your defenses

A brand is often surrounded with lots of abuses on the web, which can affect the image of that brand. This can cause in the diversion of customers to competitor’s brand, which can lead in falling of the brand. Therefore, you have to rethink your approaches in order to protect the brand, monitoring is also very important to reduce the risk of brand abuse.

Brand protection investment

When a company develops its brand protection plans then technology allows them to scale their enforcement efforts and gain greater efficiencies. This can uncover the vital data, which can chart the relationship between bad websites, identifying whole networks that consist thousands of domain names. Hence, enforcement measures can disable entire networks of bad sites rather than targeting sites one by one. Apart from this, it will speed up your investigations, maximizes the effectiveness of your legal strategies and produces greater return of interest from litigation investments.

Making Domain Protection a Priority

Hackers can hijack domains with more frequency, redirecting and taking down sites altogether. Domains are the vital assets of the company that demand around-the-clock protection in order to maintain continuity of the business and reputation of a brand. Therefore, it is important to make domain security a priority.

Protection of Digital Contents

In this digitalized world, there are various channels from where hijackers can hijack your site and can abuse your brand in different ways. Every company needs to protect all their digital contents in order to protect their brand. This includes movies, music, software, games to patents and list of clients, together with software development kits and databases. It is wise to evaluate threats against your digital assets and develop a plan to protect them.


Every brand needs a protection, as many hijackers can hijack your website and can affect it by abusing your brand. These strategies can help you to reduce the risk of brand abuse.

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