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Brand marketing overtakes digital as ‘most prized skill’, claims survey


Marketing; this word holds a lot of importance for a business organization as without it the business will find it difficult to gather clients. Marketing have developed with time and new and better marketing techniques have come forth to help the brands market in a proper and beneficial manner. There are many skills that must be present in a marketing professional so that he can make the most of the marketing techniques. The importance of these marketing skills keeps on changing with time and as per the latest reports brand marketing is topping the charts.

As per the survey conducted recently brand marketing has emerged as the most vital marketing skill that must be present in a marketing professional. Brand marketing has made it to the top of the list and has defeated web and online development fair and square. This survey was carried out by Michael Page which is actually a recruitment company and this survey included almost five hundred UK employees. The results that came out after analyzing the survey clearly showed that brand marketing is clearly the ruling marketing skill at present and it was followed by web and online development and CRM.


What is brand marketing? This question is very much relevant with the discussion that is going on. Brand marketing is a method that the marketing professionals use to motivate the business in the market. The success of business brand highly relies on the brand marketing and hence marketing executives take special care to enhance their brand marketing skills. Beneficial brand marketing requires extensive research and knowledge regarding the current market conditions and also knowing your audience. People only buy products that are useful to them and that is why marketing people should their audience and market accordingly.


Competition is very fierce in today’s market and an efficient brand marketing technique will focus on healthy competition and taking every step to make the brand more successful than other similar brands. Brand marketing has been around for a long time now and people have begun to realize its importance with changing times. The brands today are making every effort to get accustomed with the latest marketing techniques so that they do not remain behind. Brand marketing if done properly can bring high profits for the brand and can help it to get more prospective clients and a better reputation in the market.

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