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7 controversial commercials never aired on TV

The advertisements which are inquisitive, notional and are generally considered as one that deliberately, rather than unwittingly, surprises and offends its audience by irreverence for social values and personal beliefs are classified as Shock adverts or Shockverts. These commercials, which may be delirious and exciting momentarily, are considered as fling rather than general to-be-released commercials. Some ads go from nudity to disturbing views which may be either sexually explicit or may give one shudders. They depict what resembles or the form of derogatory implications or dismaying views.


You are about to witness some of these rejected commercials which either embed the product in between the two long ways or reflect some taboo practices in the process of coitus.

1.Gucci Banned Ad

2.Skittles Banned Commercial

This Skittles Ad was sexual explicit, strangely capturing commercial which seems pretty much like candy porn. They proposed to release a commercial with married couple engaging in sexual activity. The Ad shows the man pulling out his member after intercourse and instead of semen ejects the Skittles on her woman. Skittles justified it believing the couple was married.

3.Guinness Banned Ad


The oldest and most valued beer companies Guinness was positive, knowing its reputation, that it won’t hurt much to take an extremely gamey step of launching an extremely raunchy commercial. The commercial regresses to implications that it encourages sharing of beer, depicting how far two or more friends can go when it comes to sharing. The ad shows a woman in sexual activity, used as the coaster, with three individuals, all of them sharing the same beer.

4.Department Of Health-UK


An anti-smoking TV advertisement launched by the Department of Health of UK features a man addicted of smoking being dragged by a fish hook piercing his cheek was banned by the advertising watchdog. The ad was to remonstrate the man as a fish, being dragged to death which was exemplified by smoking. The ad on men feeding their addiction drew 774 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. Complaints referred to the ad as offensive, frightening and distressing particularly to children.

5.Diesel Banned Ad


The Ad campaign which won at the Cannes advertising festival was banned by the UK ad watchdog for being depreciatory and encouraging asocial behavior. The campaign featured a number of ads including a girl at top of ladder and lifting her top to reveal her breasts at a CCTV camera, while another having a woman holding open her bikini bottoms and taking a picture of her under regions.

6.Sprite Banned Ad


Sprite commercial, which must have been anticipated by the marketing agency, would be banned and go viral. The advertise features a nude woman performing oral sex on a man. When the man is about to ejaculate she stops and considers she is ready for the sprite. Reaching the climax the bottle is shown spewing the foam filled liquid onto the woman’s face.

7.Breast Cancer Rejected Ad


The Breast Cancer awareness campaign proved to be too much dismaying and disturbing for Advertising Authority and advertising space runners. They anticipated that the depiction of the mastectomy scars would not be well responded by the public and would be shocking.

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