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5 Best perfume commercials rousing our emotions


Perfume selection has become a complex affair. The aroma is not the only aspect of the perfume that entices consumers. There is also the imagery the perfume conjures, the brand or the star power associated with it. Perfume ads effectively convey perfume’s best attributes to the viewer in an imaginative style. Perfume ads that are capable of mesmerizing audiences with color and effects garner the most praise and sales. Ask any woman, they have at least one perfume advertisement they remember fondly.

Based on popular opinions, the following is a list of the most amazing perfume advertisement that has tempted the buyers of late.


1. L perfume 


Fans loved Gwen’s ad for her perfume ‘L’ wherein her free and spirited personality portrayed the character of the perfume. The typical water imagery was present, but only to demonstrate the weightlessness and freedom that the perfume signified. From sexy white to vibrant red. She plays flirty, then shifts to desirable, highlighting the feelings invoked by the perfume. Some fans have compared her look to Madonna from the ‘Cherish’ video and they would be right. Nevertheless, Gwen has infused her own persona into the advert and it increased its popularity. Everyone wants to have fun in the water like her. Throughout the ad in a breathy whisper was the tag line ‘I want you all over me’, from Stefani’s song ‘Crash’. It articulates the glamour and fascination emanating from the creator in her advert.

2. Chanel No. 5


A love story narrated in 3 minutes with all the beauty of a whole movie. The atmosphere that encourages romance, colors that speak of mood and camera effects that punctuates the intensity of the story line. Nicole Kidman is radiant as the heroine in love but tied to her job. She illustrates in looks and movement the subtle romantic beauty and elegance of the fragrance. A $42 million budget produced a compelling commercial that solidified the dramatic essence of Chanel No. 5 perfume to film. In final act, her amour sighs in voiceover about their precious fleeting moment: ‘Her kiss … Her smile … Her perfume’.

Chanel No. 5 is a celebration of the enchanting, beautiful women surrounded by luxury and wooed by love .

3. Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie 


An upbeat ad with playful connotations in a pastel setting and soft lighting. Model Maryna Linchuk prances around Paris, amusing herself in a girl’s dream. Brandishing a charming smile and a heightened feminine disposition, she helps the audience understand the perfume’s sentiments. As the song ‘Moi Je Joue’ by Brigitte Bardot plays in the background, the audience is taken on a pleasurable walk through Paris. Pretty hues of pink tell part of the tale of a cheerful girl cavorting in her choice of perfume alluding to her coquette persona, sweet and sensitive. ‘The charm of Dior in the bottle’, the ad personifies the slogan.

4. Gaultier Madame


The magnetism of an edgy perfume can be created from the actions of an excited and fierce model. Agyness Deyn struts onto the stage in a show of female empowerment before stopping, commanding the crowd’s attention. A pair of scissors makes short work of her hair to a funkier cropped style. A carefree smile lets the world know she is changing into the person she feels inside. Rips apart her shirt and tears away her pant legs. Finally, the strong confident woman emerges in a free dance to take on the world and she can do as she likes. The scent of Madame Perfume represents such a woman and emboldens her with the power to do as she pleases.

5. YSL Parisienne



Kate Moss is ravishing in this ad as she exhibits rather provocatively, the power of scent over our other senses. A seductive throbbing beat plays in the background; Kate has a faraway look in her eyes as her fingers unconsciously caress a pink rose. The lovely beauty is recalling a dimly lit room, herself writhing lasciviously on silken sheets as hands glide across her moist skin. Yes, the scent of the flower is like an aphrodisiac, reigniting the heat in her body from the passion she experienced the night before. Kate strokes, squeezes and nuzzles the flower as she relives the touch of her lover.

Tones of grey and blacks create the sultry ambiance, slight dedication to lighting and hints of color interject ardor into the scenes. The ad compares the scent of the flower to the fervor inducing scent of its perfume. The tagline ‘living and loving in the moment’ ends the ad with the feelings of the temptress.

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