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10 effective ways to stay motivated at work

A job comes with its own drawbacks along with the perks it offers. Some days might seem like a struggle and these are the days that test your willpower. Such bad days should not make you lose sleep or make you quit.

In fact, these days when you feel low and disillusioned, should be the days that give you a new perspective and they should make you stronger and more motivated at work. By following some simple procedures, you can stay motivated and discard off those disillusionments that stop you from giving your 100% to your job.

Here are 10 steps that can help you stay motivated, energised and enthusiastic at work:

positive frame of mind

The realisation that all days needn’t be rosy: A career is all about highs and lows and that means all days won’t be the best. Once you understand this, it will be easy to face dull days.

Surround yourself with positivity: Be it environment or people, make sure that there is positivity all around. Since you are going to spend a considerable time with your colleagues, their habits can run into you. So better the people, better is their influence.

Know the perspective: Remind yourself from time to time about the reasons why you work and the perks that it offers. It is not just about the pay but also the respect, the sense of identity and the ability to put your skills and expertise to use, that the job gives you.

Tidy up your desk: This might seem trivial but more clutter in your workspace, more cluttered your mind will be. Clear the space, keep it clean and organized and that itself will lend much motivation and positive energy.

Keep the ‘to do’ list short: You may have 100 tasks to do but understand that it is not practical to complete all of it in a day. Prepare a list that comprise the most urgent tasks and keep it short. Concentrate on what you can do rather than what you have to. If you have a long and difficult task at hand, then break it down into simple steps and go one by one. That will make the task easier.

Take enough breaks: A break gives you time to replenish your energy and enthusiasm levels. Take a break and detach yourself from work and have coffee or listen to music.

Challenges provide motivation: Don’t stick to the safe zones. Venture out of it and seek new challenges in work. Identify new and faster ways to complete a task. Challenges will keep you motivated and motivations keep you happy.

Never get stranded at one level: Don’t remain satisfied at where you are. Seek new goals, learn new skills, update your life and knowledge and that means keep on moving to identify new paths and new ways to make you best in your work.

Appearing to be cool

Give importance to work-life balance: A balanced life where you give importance to both your professional and personal life will not only help in keeping you motivated at work but will also enhance your overall well-being.

Be positive: Maintain a positive attitude and positive thinking. Setbacks and dull moments happen and it happens with everyone. Look at those positively and move on with your life.

People who are motivated at work tend to be happier and tend to make others too happy. When job becomes a part of your daily life, it can turn dull and monotonous but with the right proactive steps, the dullness can be overcome and your motivational levels can be restored so that you turn into a productive, constructive and enthusiastic team player at work.

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