Making aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine that involves the use of essential oils for various medicinal and other useful benefits. These are oils and essences and their fragrance has proved to have many medicinal benefits. They can be conveniently used as a perfume, infusions, for steam inhalation or in a bath. These essential oils can be found from an authentic aromatherapy store but they can be expensive.

DIY health

With the DIY health trend, you can make these oils at home and enjoy the benefits with less expenditure.


  • As a part of preparation for the making of aromatherapy oils, you need clean jars and bottles. You can reuse those at home but make sure they are properly cleaned and sterilized in boiling water.


  • You can then choose the oil that you wish to prepare and obtain that plant material. You can choose rose, lavender or rosemary to begin with as they have strong fragrance and are widely useful for many purposes also.
  • Keep in mind the purpose of your oil making process. If you want to make cooking oil it is better to go for olive oil or use almond oil for making cosmetics.


  • Then place the plant material in the jar and pour the oil over it till the jar is full.
  • Then close the jar tightly and place the bottle in a warm place, the best place would be in a balcony, which gets sufficient sunlight.
  • After a few days, when the plant turns brown, you can open the jar and check. If the fragrance is as strong as you require it is fine. If not, you can strain the oil and add some fresh plant material and leave it for another few days.
  • Once you get the aroma you want, you can strain the oil and keep it in another bottle in a cool place.
  • This process can be followed for any flower, plant or spice that you wish to use for your aromatherapy. These homemade aroma oils can also be used to prepare cosmetics, flavored cooking oil for salad dressings and many other uses.

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