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1. Consuming plenty of fluids

Devouring lots of fluids helps in reimbursing the loss of body fluids caused due to fever. It also helps in reducing the elevated body temperature and accelerates the removal of toxic products from the body. Moreover, having lukewarm fluids in the form of water or tea also helps in keeping your body a bit energized. For children of the age group 1-2 years, oral rehydration solution should be used like Pedialyte. These solutions contain proportioned amount of salt and water to restock fluids and electrolytes.

2. Energy boosting foods

Foods that have complex carbohydrates help to boost energy levels and provide increased metabolism for a longer duration. So, use boiled rice and mash it in a mixture of warm milk with sugar. This meal is enriched with carbohydrates and glucose which provides you energy, and reduces body aches that accompany fever. Concoction of cumin, pepper and coriander can be mashed with boiled rice and salt to bring relief to the sore throat and cough.

3. Gargling

Mild fever can accompany several other seasonal diseases such as sore throat. Therefore, gargling is an excellent option to deal with sore throat as well as mild fever. All you need to do is to mix a pinch of salt and a drop of eucalyptus oil to the lukewarm water and gargle. This removes infection from the throat and also causes sweating, which in turn reduces body temperature.

4. Soaking in lukewarm water

If a patient has high temperature, 5-10 minutes of soaking or having a bath with lukewarm water helps reduce the body temperature. But this should only be followed in case of persist mild fever. Sponge bath is a better option if one has high fever.

5. Willow bark tea

Willow bark has a compound that is related to aspirin. So, imbibing brew willow tea by having small sips lends a hand in diminishing the fever.

6. Catnip tea

Catnip is very comforting and tranquil to the intestinal linings, and it acts as an eminent enema for reducing fever and rehydrating the body. In order to make the tea, one needs to pour steaming hot water over 8 tablespoons of catnip herbs in a steel glass and that glass should be covered for about 15-20 minutes and then the catnip should be strained out and it becomes ready for consumption. Catnip is also used for the cure of colds, influenza and flu. Especially for fever, it’s advised to have this tea subsequently after every four hours till the fever has gone away. Though, it has no such side effects but still it is strictly prohibited from being taken during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage. Other than this, it is just feared to cause diarrhea but that too in some rare cases.

7. Echinacea herb

Echinacea is an immuno-stimulator that wards off infections by stimulating the immune system of the body. From the mid 19th century onward, it has been used as one of the fundamental herbs for various ailments. It’s also used to cure snakebites, anthrax, common cold and pain relief. Like other medicinal herbs, this herb also doesn’t propose ‘one dose’ treatment. Until the fever has gone, Echinacea should be taken every two hours after the first dose. Though this herb is absolutely safe and effective, but still it has some minor side effects such as mild nausea, diarrhea, itching or rashes.

8. Taking rest and staying calm

As any physical activity can raise one’s body temperature, so ample rest is required. Being calm also keeps one at rest, thereby leading to a fast recovery.

9. Staying cool

Generally, it’s advisable to dress in light colored clothing so that latent heat from the body can radiate and it can adapt to the normal room temperature. For this, the room temperature has to be kept cool and the patient has to snooze with only a sheet or a light blanket.

10. Don’t force yourself under cover

Bundling up under a pile of blankets to get rid of fever makes it even worse because it holds up the heat and makes one feel worse.

11. Let the fever run

Fever, to some extent, also helps the body by fighting off a number of infections and strengthening its immunity (if it’s not treated with any kind of medications).

12. Family support along with investment of time and money

Though, home remedies don’t need much investment in terms of money, but family support is required because home remedies require time to show results. So, the presence of family members and friends provides emotional boost.

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