Dengue Fever Alternative Medicine

Dengue Fever: Alternative Medicine

Top Alternative Medicine

1. Basil leaves

Chewing basil leaves daily is also beneficial for reducing the symptoms and providing relief from the fever. If you cannot chew the leaves, boil some water on low heat and add the basil leaves to it. Reduce the water to half the quantity by boiling. Drink this liquid at least 2-3 times daily. The warm tea-like drink has properties to prevent the outbreak of the disease and strengthen the immunity system of the body.

2. Kakamachi

Kakamachi is a product that looks like a syrup. It should be consumed as a cooling drink and for soothing the fever. The syrup has excellent properties for expelling the toxins in the body that are responsible for the dengue fever. It also helps to purify the digestive system. Drinking a cup of the syrup two times daily is beneficial.

3. Azadirachta indica leaves and oil

The leaves of Azadirachta indica and its oil are very effective for curing dengue fever. Apply about 15-60 gm of the oil and leaves on a wet and warm cloth and apply it on the body for some time. This medication, however, should not be used on people who are seeking to become pregnant.

4. Hermal seeds

The powder obtained from hermal seeds are considered to be effective for treating dengue fever. The powder can be taken as decoction or as infusion to cure recurrent and intermittent fevers. 

5. Papaya leaves

Papaya is a fruit that is most commonly found during the summer. Papaya leaves are excellent for curing dengue patients. The juice obtained from the leaves of the papaya has to be consumed raw. Prepare the juice by using the raw leaves and squeezing the juice out of them. Avoid boiling or cooking of the leaves as they can destroy the nutrients and diminish the strength of the juice.

6. Orange juice

Orange juice is considered to be the biggest enemy of the disease. It is a good natural remedy for treating this fever. Orange juice improves digestion and enhances urine output. It promotes antibody production in the body and helps the patient to recover very quickly.

7. Belladonna herb

This herb is very effective in treating people suffering from dengue fever. However, the utmost care should be taken while using this herb, because it has to be used only in small quantities. It causes dryness in the mouth.

8. Eupatorium perfoliatum or boneset

According to Georgina Robinson of Wilkes University, Eupatorium perfoliatum (or boneset) is a folk remedy that has been used for treating severe fevers and for those who are suffering from severe pain in the joints and bones. The herb is known to relieve vomiting, nausea, sore throats, and chills. This is considered to be an excellent medicine for treating dengue fever. Various anecdotal evidences have proved that this herb has successfully cured bacterial and viral-based fevers overnight, especially when consumed with tea. The herb has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It kills parasites, relaxes muscle spasms, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

9. Hogweed

Hogweed has the capacity to bring down fever and temperature. It produces a lot of sweat which in turn is responsible for flushing out toxins from the body. The patient can get great relief from fever with this remedy. Drinking the concoction of hogweed roots twice a day is beneficial. 

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