Caribbean tourism declares 2018 as the year of Rejuvenation


The 2017 hurricanes may have smashed the Caribbean islands but not the spirit of Caribbean Tourism.  The CTO’s (the abbreviated form of Caribbean Tourism Organization) Secretary General, Hugh Riley exuded confidence while declaring 2018 as the year of Rejuvenation.

Caribbean tourism declares 2018 as the year of Rejuvenation

  1. Wellness and rejuvenation – What are the key tourism objectives?

  2. What wellness abounds in the Caribbean?

  3. Lesser damage and quick recovery – What are the positive signals for Caribbean tourism?

  4. What is assuring a superb visitor experience?

  5. How are resorts gearing up for product diversification?


His words do make sense. Caribbean islands have always been rejuvenating for the tourists with their bucket full of wellness activities and are fast on the recovery track after the hurricane aftermath. Despite the hurricane effect, the Caribbean islands saw 800,000 more tourist footfalls in the first half of 2017 recording a 5.2% growth from 2016.

The initial signals are good enough for the travelers to set off for a dream vacation on the sundrenched Caribbean shores. Their dreams will not go unfulfilled. The Caribbean tourism is likely to come up with more pleasant surprises for long-term rejuvenation both for the tourists and tourism industry.

Wellness and rejuvenation – What are the key tourism objectives?

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CTO includes 28 members selected from countries like Holland, England, Spain and France.  Key elements on which Caribbean tourism revenue thrives are Wellness and Rejuvenation. Consequently, CTO is egging on the member countries and private sector partners to devise strategies and organize events centering around” Wellness and Rejuvenation” that will draw the interest of clients, tour operators and travel agents.

What wellness abounds in the Caribbean?


The Caribbean is the ideal destination for those with an inclination towards developing a healthy body encasing a healthy mind. Yoga centers, beach-facing workout joints, spas and wellness resorts are in plenty. Services delivered are undoubtedly world class. The scenic beauty is amazing with an insanely appealing heterogeneous landscape covering magnificent mountains, lush dales, and volcanic craters and of course the awesome sea beaches.

The exciting events offered are immensely beneficial to the tourists’ flesh and spirit. You can go hiking in groups or you may choose individual trekking. You can go for running with your team along the forest cover and picturesque valleys. You have the option to walk for miles or may choose yachting on high seas. These very features make the Caribbean as a popular wellness tourism spot.

Lesser damage and quick recovery – What are the positive signals for Caribbean tourism?


Fortunately, most of the Caribbean islands could escape the wrath of hurricanes. Among more than 7000 islands, a few of them faced a severe loss of property and lives. The perception that most of the Caribbean was devastated perhaps caused more damage than the storm.

But the good news is Caribbean Islands are showing quick recovery with most hotels and resorts bouncing back to business.  The construction boom is on a full scale repairing the damage. The blemishes of the catastrophe have almost disappeared. Similar trick will start working once a visitor sets his foot on the Caribbean for restoration of mental and physical health.

What is assuring a superb visitor experience?


The Caribbean is a destination where optimism rules and goods are delivered by the dint of sheer hard work and dedicated customer service. Declaration of 2018 as the year of Rejuvenation not only covers tourist wellbeing, the connotation extends far beyond. It captures the spirit of rehabilitation and a superb comeback from the 2017 nightmares.

Caribbean tourism authorities are always concerned with the safety, security and wellbeing of the tourists. Renovation and rebuilding efforts are also a testimony to how well the island is prepared to provide world-class accommodation facilities to its valued customers.

How are resorts gearing up for product diversification?


Launching of new wellness products is now the prime agenda of resorts to draw a fresh tourist segment. In a major refurbishment effort, resorts on Aruba’s Eagle beach have introduced the island’s first ever “Healthy Hour” wellness concept and taken it up for the tourists for activities and training sessions.

The CEO of the resort beamed that they are committed to giving valued customers a healthy lifestyle experience so their Caribbean vacation turns most splendid. Health freak couples can toast each other from 3 pm to 4 pm with healthy food and beverage that include:

– Smoothies ( loaded with Vitamins A and C and potassium rich watermelons, strawberry, coconut water, ginger and anti-oxidants taken from almond milk, blueberries, spinach, cinnamon and all the goodness of high fiber mango, flaxseed and banana going in).

-Detoxifying mocktails loaded with all the goodness of melons, cucumber, balsamic vinegar and many healthy additions would be a pleasant surprise on the table.

-Snack offerings would also be blended with wellness comprising healthy ingredients produced locally. Lots of variations would be added in every day of the week.

– Devising customized wellness trips to match wellness objectives of each customer.
A 5-night couple-wellness retreat package features ocean-front suites, welcome amenity, healthy breakfast and a healthy meal plan designed by in-house nutrition specialists.

-Tai Chi on the beach will be introduced as one of the complimentary wellness activities with provisions for wellness consultation with the in-house specialists.

Sun rising in the Caribbean sky:


After 3 months of hurricane-induced lean season, the travelers are again looking up to Caribbean islands. The prime minister of St. Lucia has also appealed the tourists to visit the islands to speed up the recovery.

Jamaica, Aruba, Curacao, St Lucia, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago escaped the hurricane effect and are likely to continue with their full scale tourism activities.

The CEO of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association is confident that most of the hotel business even in the worst-hit areas jumping into action before the winter. Along with the two primary markets US and Europe, CTO General Secretary expects a further expansion of UK and Canadian markets, the strong performers in 2017. Visiting Caribbean in 2018 would be a rebirth for the tourists participating in new forms of rejuvenating activities.

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