Breathing improvising techniques

Proper breathing is necessary for a human body to remain active. People talk a lot about heart problem, suffocation and other breathing problems. But they have failed to realize the importance of healthy breathing for a healthy body and mind. There are some breathing techniques which re-energizes and rejuvenates the human body.

1. Deep breathing technique

Take a deep breath for common breathing technique

In morning hours, settle down in a peaceful and calm place. Adopt a comfortable posture. Take a deep breath and now slowly release air. Repeat this action for 5 to 10 times. Now wait a minute and finally take a deep breath and do not release air. Hold it as long as you can and then slowly release it. Regularly go for this technique at morning and evening times. This is an age-old and common technique for a healthy breathing and specially at old times sages have followed this technique to have a strong and healthy body.

2. Indian yoga as a breathing technique

Yoga can be a very good option to control your breathing to provide a healthy body and mind. Pranayama yoga is one of these yoga breathing techniques that provides a systematic control of our breathing. This type of yoga is regarded as science of breath control. Pranayama sees breathing as the only means to supply oxygen to human body and to its various organs. Along with deep breathing technique, Pranayama also includes Agni-prasana breathing technique to improvise breathing in a human body. In this breathing technique, the inhaling and exhaling of air is done in a rhythmic manner. A person can perform this task by doing deep breathing at a regular speed. This is like pumping and traditionally known as breath of fire. For this breathing technique, the body must be in a relaxed mode and should be free from any kind of tension. An alternate action at regular interval and speed is very much necessary to take air in and to take air out to strengthen our body and mind. Diaphragm breathing and alternate nostril breathing are another two popular breathing techniques within Pranayama. One can follow the breathing techniques of Indian yoga guru Swami Ramdev (1974), who is an international and popular icon for Indian yoga.

3. The buteyko breathing technique

Apart from the Indian Pranayama technique, one can also follow buteyko breathing technique. This is a Russian breathing technique to improvise healthy breathing for a healthy body and mind. This is exclusively used as a prime breathing treatment for asthma. Buteyko breathing technique comprises focus on breath-holding, nasal-breathing and relaxation. Under this technique, night breathing disorder during sleeping is removed by doing nasal air breathing exercise at day-time and closing mouth by a tape at night-time. Buteyko reduced-breathing practice is done by watching an individual that how long he can comfortably hold a breath after leaving a normal exhalation. Relaxation is also done by controlling an initial over-breathing of a person.

4. The Papworth method of breathing

The papworth method of breathing

This is another effective breathing technique which was developed in Papworth hospital of United Kingdom. But, this method is not that much popular and it looks like the similar kind of Russian buteyko method. There are no governing bodies and institutions for Papworth breathing technique.

5. Strelnikova breathing exercises

Strelnikova breathing exercises

Strelnikova breathing technique was originally founded by a singer and YouTube video is available to learn this technique sponsored by Yahoo group. This breathing technique is very effective to bring back voice to a singer’s throat and also good for asthma.

6. Chinese breathing technique

Chinese breathing technique

This breathing technique is also known as anxiety breathing technique. This is easy to follow and teachers of this ancient technique believe that this is very fruitful to get instant relaxation. Sit down your back straight and rest your hands on your laps comfortably. One can put their hands on thighs also. Look straight and slowly close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Inhale from nose and exhale through mouth. Do not do opposite of this action. Keep tip of your tongue in contact with the front part of mouth. Thus, after inhaling air from nose release through this tongue and mouth friction. Give concentration and smoothly and deeply repeat the action for 5 to 10 times. This breathing technique can be performed anywhere like in a bus, train, and park and in office also. This technique calms your mind, regulates your breathing and balances emotion.

To perform all these above-mentioned breathing techniques properly, a healthy diet is very necessary. It is always better to have green vegetables than to have non-vegetarian food. Eat green vegetable and fruits as much as you can and avoid to it non-vegetarian food regularly. Use less oil and spices in food to keep your breathing for a healthy and relaxed body and mind. Always keep yourself away from an unhygienic, dirty and unfriendly atmosphere. Any of these breathing techniques should be followed on Eco-friendly areas only.

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