5 Weird health products

Weird Health Product

We are in the 21st century, and this era has made us more aware about several things, particularly health. Now-a-days, people are more concerned about their health. They are more aware about what they must eat, how they must exercise and what lifestyle they must follow. Such a revolution about health has also managed to bough in some peculiar, weird looking products that are dubbed as ‘health products’ because they are actually good for health. Yes, they look weird, but they have enormous health uses. But the best thing is that they are pretty cheap. Check out the list to know more:

1. Neti pot

This is an old-fashioned cleansing product that was used years ago in Indian subcontinent. But as yoga gained popularity, this product also revived, boasting about its huge benefits. It clearly shows that health comes in different shapes in sizes. A neti pot resembles a small teapot, which you have to stick up your nose. Also called nasal irrigator, this product is getting famous as a sinus remedy. Its regular usage clears out sinus passages by flushing them with water. Using this neti pot is pretty simple. You have to fill the pot with warm water and dissolve a pinch of salt in it.

Then turn your head sideways over the sink. Now, insert the spout in your nostril. This may sound weird and absurd but this is how you need to do it. Tip the pot so that your sinus cavities fill up. Consequently, the water will flow from the other nostril. This little teapot can benefit millions of people who suffer from allergies and sinus problem. You might need to practice it a few times. But once you are good at it, it results in noticeable benefits, opening your breathing channels.

2. Tongue scrappers

They have been in market for long, but tongue scrappers haven’t actually been famous until a while ago. They came into vogue once people started to realize that toothbrushes are meant to clean your teeth, while around 90 percent of plaque and bacteria are present on the tongue. Therefore, tongue scrappers clean your tongue. This is an Ayurveda technique which treats several mouth problems. Normal brushing can actually lead to spreading of germs. But tongue scrapper takes care of this. It removes the white coating on your tongue, helps in better oral hygiene, reduces bad breath, removes plaque and germs and avoids re-absorption of toxics. This results in better oral health and less visits to the dentists.

3. Body brush

Dry brushing of your body aids in detoxification. Most of us forget the fact that skin is the largest human organ and it removes toxins from the body. A skin can eliminate up to one pound of toxins each day. Therefore, taking care of it and removing toxins is crucial. A body brush helps you to do that. Body brush works on dry brushing. It is a stiff bristled brush with which you can scratch your back arms and legs. It stimulates the organs underneath the skin and help in removal of toxins. The skin appears shinier and you feel revitalized. At the same time, a body brush also stimulates lymphatic system, remove dead cells and stimulate circulation of blood and immune system. Your kid functioning is also improved. A simple brush certainly works a lot!

4. Nail brush

Nail brushes are common among doctors and surgeons, but a normal individual might not know about them. A nail brush is important for healthy and germ free hands and feet. When we wash our hands, lots of germs hide beneath the fingernails. Therefore, even though your hand is washed, it isn’t clean. A nail brush comes to the rescue. Once, you have applied hand-wash and foamed it up, use a nail brush to get rid of extra grime under the fingernails. This way you can avoid several diseases that may happen due to germ build-up on nails.

5. Barefoot running

Naturally, our feet are made in such a way that they are apt for running. During the early man days, feet helped men to run away from predators and disasters. But today, more and more people get hurt because of running. Do you know why? Well, this is because of the shoes. But running barefoot may be a problem, especially in urban areas as you might get hurt due to glass, stones etc. Therefore, we wear shoes that might cause troubles, shock, leg and back injuries. This is because shoes have altered the way we run. They encourage us to run on heel to toe. But actually running is on the ball and lateral edge of the foot. This way shock gets absorbed and spreads through entire body, rather than focused on a single area. So, you can run barefoot or with socks. In case, this isn’t viable, then use five fingers shoe, which is like a glove.

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