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If English is not your mother tongue, then it might be difficult to learn the correct pronunciation. You can learn how to write it well from books, but to have a globally understood accent is tough to gain from books. […]

ELSA - The AI assisted app

Storing data in a cloud storage service makes life easier – you can access the data from anywhere using any device, as most cloud storage providers facilitate syncing your devices. Most drives offer good services, so what is the difference

Internxt cloud storage provider with zero-knowledge feature

What have you heard about biotech? When we talk about biotech, we mean a diverse field of study which includes genomics, recombinant gene techniques, applied immunology, and development of pharmaceutical therapies and diagnostic tests. While most of us have heard

How Biotech Companies Are Changing the Game

It’s a well-known fact that your message goes down well with your audience in a visual form, rather than the written. You might have also been feeling the need for some videos for your business or to showcase your creativity.

Videos enhance your content and tell your story in a powerful visual way. It has been found that for marketing and education, videos can convey your message in a much more impressive way. Make use of the intuitive storyboards of

FlexClip Review Hassle Free Online Video Editing Tool

Video is the medium of the present and also the medium of the future. There’s a great variation of literacy rate throughout the world and it’s a known fact that people tend to prefer expressive video content over informative written


What is the need to have great audio in your podcasts and videos? The answer is simple, more people will get attracted to your content and you can stand out among the crowd. Crystal clear sound allows your listeners/viewers to

ReMasterMedia Online Tool for Mastering Audio and Video

HappyForms is a plugin that has multiple features which can be used to create better forms, sign-ups, surveys, polls, checkouts, for your WordPress website. With the right forms, you can convert more leads and grow your customer base.

HappyForms - Wordpress plugin

Software technology has become the hot-notch topic in this tech era in providing better facilities to the end-users. Well-developed software works according to the clients’ demands and requirements to provide highly personalized services to the customers. It’s imperative to maintain

Importance of Software Audit

With the RAEGR ARC 1350, a wireless powermat, you can charge your Phones, Apple Watch and Airpods simultaneously. This means you can use all of your devices at the same time, without worrying that one or the other will run

RAEGR ARC 1350, a wireless powermat
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