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World Wide Web connects the world and makes our life easier by giving us many ways to transact online. At the same time, it poses risks, because there are chances that we can expose personal data or banking details while […]


The latest iPhone XS and XS Max have the same software inside. The iPhone XS Max has a supersized screen as well as a hefty price tag. Die-hard iPhone users will probably go for the iPhone XS and the bigger

Apple iPhone XS Review

Every few days there’s some report of cybercrime in the papers. Out of these, identity theft has become quite common. The victims of identity theft have to face financial loss and undergo a lot of emotional trauma.

Dedrone is one of the world’s leading companies in airspace technology which has come up with various innovative solutions. To enable a smooth deployment of Dedrone security solutions, the company has launched the Dedrone Cloud. This would help the organizations

Dedrone Cloud

A few years from now, the ride you booked on Uber may come flying down to you. Out of the many futuristic transport concepts, the flying taxi will soon be a reality. You will soon say good bye to traffic


Now that everybody’s slowly shifting from a regular home to a smart home, it will not be a long time before smart homes will be the only thing available in the market. This is the future which is loaded with


Most people did not know anything about blockchain until they were acquainted by the unprecedented leaps in the value of bitcoin in the latter half of 2017. Blockchain forms the foundation of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. Now, innovators are


All around us we see amazing artists who are skilled in imagining and creating new things out of the blue. Be it painters, gamers, or movie makers; every one of the creative content makers has the ability to design and


Teenage drivers are singled out as a group to reinstate the mantra of safe driving and rightly so. Latest data from the AAA Foundation for traffic safety show that drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 are three times

Teen driver tech by Chevy

Fifty-seven Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientists from close to thirty countries have signed and are promoting a campaign to stop killer robots. The campaign aims to stop the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology from collaborating with Hanwha systems, a

The Campaign To Stop Killer Robots
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