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Mixed Reality Technology Is Making The World Better One Step At A Time

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All around us we see amazing artists who are skilled in imagining and creating new things out of the blue. Be it painters, gamers, or movie makers; every one of the creative content makers has the ability to design and create something new. Lately, mixed reality technology is on its way to improving this experience.

Having said that, these creations, till late, were only limited to the 2D world, but have now started becoming 3D. Paintings are now made into graphics and animations videos are getting more and more popular.

Smartphone applications like Prisma work to turn pictures into paintings by renowned artists. All this is being made possible only because of the digitalization of the real world. Read on to know more about the digital space and how fast it is advancing. 

Understanding the 3 different realities: 

Virtual reality:

Virtual-realityAs the name suggests, virtual reality is purely virtual in nature and has no connection to the real world. All you need to do is put on a headset and you are fully immersed in a virtual world created by your computer with all the detailing and all that jazz.  Users may even move around in virtual space and use hand controllers to improve the VR experience.

Augmented reality:

Augmented-realityThis one works in the real world but has virtual objects and other digital content included in it. An excellent example of Augmented Reality is the game ‘PokemonGo’, where many people rushed out of their homes in the real world to catch digitally produced virtual objects.

Mixed reality:

mixed-reality-technologyThis is similar to Augmented reality but not completely so. mixed reality technology does not only virtually show you images overlapping the real world, but also anchors it down there. The effects are so intense that one may lose the sense of what is real and what is not. 

What is mixed reality technology?

Broadly speaking, there are two different forms of technologies that are both referred to as mixed reality technology. Both of them are listed below:

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Mixed reality based on the real world: 

In this mixed reality meaning, you won’t find virtual objects simply placed atop real world happenings. Instead, real world people will be able to interact with these digitally made virtual objects, thereby making the experience a notch higher. Which is why this form of mixed reality is often also referred to as a much better and advanced form of AR. 

Mixed reality based on the virtual world:

When you have a mixed reality meaning based on the virtual world, you are basically functioning in a virtual world whose detailing is inspired and derived from the real world. In a conventional VR setup, you live off the virtual surroundings with the real world blocked out. But, in mixed reality devices, the virtual world is connected to the real one, and one is able to experience both together. 

What are the applications of Mixed Reality?



Compare this to video calling, except that now you have the person standing right in front of you. Communication is going to get better and more convenient with mixed reality devices.


A virtual model is a better way of teaching and understanding concepts in biology, physics, and many other subjects.


Watching games and interacting with your favorite celebrities, possible by mixed reality devices, is the new future to look forward to.


Plenty more effects and digital detailing can be added due to mixed reality meaning, thereby improving the experience of gaming and taking it to another new level. 


Although Mixed Reality technology is slowly making its way into the mainstream, there is much more to be discovered and polished before it is implemented. Microsoft is already implemented mixed reality meaning into its systems by making possible the creation of anything in the digital as well the real world.

This is a mind-blowing example of how the technology of mixed reality devices is soon going advance to the extent that the boundary between real and virtual will fuse together to provide the best experience man has ever seen.

All that we can say is that this is only the beginning. The applications of mixed reality are only starting off. It is surely going to surprise us pleasantly when it reaches its full potential.

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