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It is disheartening to not see young boys and girls play around like they used to mere two decades ago. Societies have changed drastically and for the worse – everywhere. Today, a child grows up surrounded by tablets, smartphones, and […]

Why Don’t Kids Go Outside Anymore

The future is fast approaching and it is exciting. Computing chips have become so advanced it is becoming hard for other sectors to keep up, let along work alongside the progress. High-performance computing is changing the face of technology and

NVIDIA Deep Learning Tutorial

We could be seeing some revolutionary technical achievements in the coming years, especially in the computer and IT departments. Computers have evolved so drastically in the last two decades that it seems strange to realize how tame current capabilities are

terahertz microchips

In this era of modernization, almost everything is turning digitalized. People are resorting to using technology to fulfill their daily needs and purposes. Many mundane tasks are also being carried out by automated bots. Hence the question arises: What is

Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It has taken over the advertising arena and improved it tenfold. While increasing your digital marketing reach will only bring more revenue to your organization, it will also make


Productive employees drive an organization towards success. All employees, however, need not be as productive you want them to be. To keep an eye on work productivity, you can’t really stand behind their desks. There are various new technologies which

For all you software enthusiasts, it is time to rejoice, as the Macphun’s photo editing and effects software is finally available for windows. Aurora HDR 2018 is Macphun’s latest offering and is one of the toughest contenders for High Dynamic

Aurora HDR 2018

English is one of the most popular and probably the most widely used language today. With more than 1, 71,000 words which are currently being used and 47,000 plus obsolete words, one can rightly call English as the most complex


Cameras have been around for a long time, and with the new smartphone revolution, a camera is practically in the common man’s pocket. On the other hand, professional cameras take photography to another level altogether capturing every detail in its


Chocolate, the much-loved delicacy across the globe may be extinct by 2050 as warned by the scientists is shocking for the sweet-toothed. It is again the global climatic change wreaking havoc on cacao plantation drastically reducing the production with the

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