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Stunning Developments In Computer Technology Could Lead To Terahertz Speeds

terahertz microchips
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We could be seeing some revolutionary technical achievements in the coming years, especially in the computer and IT departments. Computers have evolved so drastically in the last two decades that it seems strange to realize how tame current capabilities are when compared to stunning development findings. The latest in new computer technology terahertz microchips is set to revolutionize the computer industry. We will be seeing the computer and all computer run applications run up to 100 times faster than what they currently clock. Already computers, smartphones, and online services are fast enough; but to go roughly hundred times as fast is pretty awesome, to say the least. The stunning discovery was preceded by three years of painstaking research by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s physicist Dr. Uriel Levy and his team. Let’s have a look at what terahertz means and what this means for the future of our daily use gadgets.

What is a terahertz?

terahertz microchips

Coming to the basics, a terahertz is a unit of measuring the clock rate of a working CPU. Without going too deep into the technical jargon, the terahertz determines the performance power of a CPU. Today’s laptops have a CPU capable of running in the Gigahertz(GB). Somewhere between 8 to 16 GB is the standard today. For a computer, it is even better. However, going from mere GB to a terahertz is the finest example of latest game-changing technology. It has surely been a meteoric spiral since the days of the late 70s when 1 MHz was considered the norm. So imagine sitting here with 8 GB RAM running your computer and wondering how ancient 1 MB RAM would feel like, and the difference between then and now would seem more probable than now and the release of the terahertz chip. It could be that big of a leap.

How does it work?

According to technical jargon, a terahertz microchip didn’t exactly work in today’s hardware because it caused scalability issues as well as overheating- which isn’t a surprise since even on 8 GB chips, current systems often heat up. What the Hebrew University physician team did was work on some of the latest technology in computer field and created the chips by using flash memory technology. Now with more and more powerful wireless communications available, a terahertz microchip might work and speed up the machines significantly. The optics technology at play will enable 8-16 gigahertz computers to touch speeds of almost 100 times as fast. This is good since most of our concentration and attention veers towards faster internet and wifi capabilities- software. It is important to realize that as software evolves, so should the hardware must. New computer technology terahertz microchips are considered the Holy Grail of communications which is justice to speeds of 25 MBPS.

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New computer technology terahertz microchips and the basics

terahertz microchips

Terahertz microchips are the computing power of extreme capability because it uses the latest game-changing technology called optic communication. Any optic communication device- and everything from a laptop to a mobile phone – will run 100 times as fast as today. The fiber optic cable through which the data is transmitted is slowly catching up and as stated previously, only scalability and overheating stand in the way for them to work with current hardware. The new optic technology will integrate the speed of optic communication with hardware. The integrated circuit uses flash memory technology much like how we use a flash card. Although it cannot be stated how soon a prototype version will be out, new computer technology terahertz microchips will be highly anticipated once word gets out and about. With sleeker looking laptops entering the marketplace, it looks like the future from Star Trek is coming true – in at least some aspect.

Final thoughts

The latest technology in computer field often creates a plethora of publicity and hoopla, and expectations are similar with the new computer technology terahertz microchips. With the advent of the internet of things and automation on the horizon, this technology was much needed. Transmitting hordes of data requires not just a great internet speed, but a hardware which can support the data transaction. A terahertz chip would allow fast and safe data flow. If entire houses in the future are predicted to go wireless, then a chip of such high computing power would be a necessity. The team has done a fantastic job and progress will follow once everyone gets their hands on the technology and the information. Technological progress in the computer industry is surely changing the face of civilization.

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