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Top- 5 online tools for writing good grammatically correct English

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English is one of the most popular and probably the most widely used language today. With more than 1, 71,000 words which are currently being used and 47,000 plus obsolete words, one can rightly call English as the most complex language in the world. Moreover, for those whose life depends on delivering quality content, we are definite about the fact that they themselves are well aware as to how important it is to make sure the articles connect with the masses. This can only be possible when you have a firm command over the language.

Most of the times it is the non-native English speakers who fear the most when it comes to taking up any writing assignment. They believe that the language barrier is one of the major hindrances that are stopping them from expressing their creativity. We believe that language barrier is nothing but a made-up wall that has self-doubt printed all over it. To overcome this imaginary hurdle all one needs to do is polish his or her writing skills.

We have listed a few writing tools that we believe can bring about an enhancement in your language skills and the best part is that most of them are free.

  1. Reverse Dictionary:

How often do you find yourself stuck only because you cannot recall that one word which you wanted to use to complete your sentence? It seemed as if the word was at the tip of your tongue, but you just cannot remember what it was. Reverse Dictionary is not just an online tool but also a friend, the one who steps up and fills the blanks whenever you are stuck. All you need to do is type in the phrase or a sentence that best describes what you are looking for. Reverse Dictionary will suggest a list of appropriate words that can fit the bill.

  1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a free Chrome extension, which serves as an English writing enhancement platform that helps proofread an article and checks for plagiarism. It has an eagle’s eye when it comes to grammatical and spelling mistakes. The best part is that it teaches you how to improve upon your mistake and it boosts your vocabulary. One can use Grammarly for writing social media posts, emails, blog articles and much more. Then again, if you think creative writing is not your cup of tea and you’re always worried about such grammatical errors in your writeups, you would find AssignCode.com perfectly suited to your requirement for sure.

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  1. Ginger:


Just like Grammarly, it keeps a close watch on the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors while educating you on how to improve upon the common errors while writing. The best part about this tool is that, it gives you a detailed report that is custom made exclusively for improving your writing skills and keeping a track on the progress. This can very well help the writers learn from their most common mistakes. It is ideal for non-native English speakers who tend to struggle when it comes to showing a variety of writing styles. Some of the functionalities include sentence rephraser, text reader, and translation tool.

  1. Hemingway Application:

Hemingway Application

We swear by the writing Gods, this is probably one of the most effective applications when it comes to creating impactful articles. The USP of this application is that it helps in shortening elaborate and long sentences and making them more direct. One can simplify words and avoid usage of passive voice in their sentences. One of the major highlights of the app is the readability score. It shows how easy it is for the readers to understand the article that you have written. The lower the score, the better it is.

  1. ZenPen:

For those who tend to get distracted by the internet, this one is for you. It is fun and easy to use. All you need to do is, simply start writing the content that you had in mind by deleting the default text that appears. This application comes in handy when you are working on stiff deadlines.

Above are few of the many tools and applications that are available on the internet today. Each of them has its own unique way of enhancing the articles.  We recommend understanding the individual functionalities first and accordingly narrowing down the one that you are most comfortable while writing any given article.

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