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A soldier wearing a robotic suit fitted with sophisticated weapons giving him immense powers in a battlefield fighting the enemy. He leaps over huge obstacles, carries heavy weapons, runs faster in to the enemy while they shoot bullets at him, […]

We live in a world that keeps surprising us. We are so used to having a secondary function in a device that is probably as good as the real thing. For example, each one of us uses a smart phone

Portrait pro 19 is the new, fastest, easy and most innovative portrait airbrushing software. You will definitely get amazed by looking at its result and how quickly it works and make your editing work easy. It makes people look at


Here comes the Portrait pro 19, the smartest, more advanced photo editing programmer we have today. It is the best and easiest smart photo editing softwarethat can be of great help when you want to go for your next photo-shoot.


Music is in the air, and to feel it, you need a true companion offering music on the go. Today we are here with five ultimate headphones that will get you an experience like never before, so in order to know the top 5 headphone out there

xFyro xS2 earbuds
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