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Apple iPhone XS Review: The latest smartphone has it all

Apple iPhone XS Review
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The latest iPhone XS and XS Max have the same software inside. The iPhone XS Max has a supersized screen as well as a hefty price tag. Die-hard iPhone users will probably go for the iPhone XS and the bigger version, but is the price worth it? Let’s see the pros and cons in this Apple iPhone XS review and find out whether you should get one for yourself:

Apple iPhone XS review 

Giant screen

Apple iPhone XS ReviewApple iPhone XS and XS Max has the same design as the iPhone X, but there is more to the latest offering from Apple. The visible difference between the iPhone X and iPhone XS is the 5.8 inch display which fits into  a device smaller than the 5.5 inches iPhone 8 Plus.

The colors for XS and XS Max are deeper, not to mention the giant screen which is perfect to watch your favorite videos or videos. Though the Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung has the same screen size, the iPhone XS Max has been packed into a thin 7.7mm body which is thinner than the 8.8 mm Galaxy Note 9.

Our Apple iPhone XS review has to state that thought there are advantages to having a huge screen, it is quite difficult to handle with one hand. The luxurious appearance is a plus point but you should definitely not use it one-handed and risk smashing it, before you even got to use it! But the XS is better in handling even with the bigger screen size.

Specifications of the iPhone XS

Our Apple iPhone XS review found that the OLED screen stretches seamlessly across the phone’s front. The Super Retina display is amazingly crisp, bright and clear. Watch your favorite shows in super clarity, in HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Apple has continued the ‘True Tone’ tech which changes the brightness of the display, depending on your surroundings. If you’re an iPhone X user, you’ll know how comfortable it is for the eyes. This is especially true for the XS Max.


Apple iPhone XS ReviewAfter shelling out a huge amount for the iPhone XS or XS Max, you don’t want it to be destroyed by some spilt coffee or beer. The latest smartphone from Apple is much more durable – even if you drop in the bath or swimming pool, it will survive, in fact, it is supposed to withstand 30 minutes under two metres of water. Good news for those who like watching videos or shows in the bath!


The rear camera bulge is still the same, and the iPhone XS will still wobble when it’s placed on a flat surface. The camera performance is excellent, however. Till now, Apple’s camera is perhaps the best among the rest, and the new upgrades would make the photos even more incredible.

The Smart HDR feature is the most exciting feature in the camera, according to our Apple iPhone XS review. It allows multiple images to be clicked at one time, when the user presses the shutter. Then, the latest technology combines the best parts of all the images and creates the perfect image. This means, hordes of amateur photographers will be able to click professional standard images. The camera does remarkable well when pointed straight at the sun.

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As one of the main functions of smartphones these days is to click photos and videos, Apple’s attention to honing the camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max will turn out to be a great marketing strategy for Apple. Especially since the low light photography option has been vastly improved, able to capture details in pitch dark lighting. Depth control and 7 megapixel front camera will make selfie lovers more than happy.

Speed of operation – A12 bionic chipset

Apple iPhone XS ReviewThe A12 Bionic has been claimed to be 15% faster than the A11 Bionic and is more efficient, by 50%! But Apple says that integrated AI chip is about 9 times faster and makes a huge difference. It’s not noticeably faster than the iPhone X in normal  functions, but the processing power speed is felt while using AR and similar functions.

For example, filming in 4K as well as in extremely slow motion plus four in built microphones to record excellent stereo sound is powered by the A12 bionic chip. It’s an AI brain in the phone which makes the iPhone XS most powerful out of all the Apple smartphones. It has a 7 nanometer chip which delivers incredible performance packed in a sleek design. The new chipset allows the phone to perform using 50% less power. The A12 bionic chip is designed to allow users delve into the AR world without any hitches. These exciting features may be worth the price Apple is asking for the device.

Neural Engine

The ‘neural engine’ in the iPhone XS and XS Max will surprise their owners with a dose of AI – the phones are designed to become more ‘intelligent’ as they will learn the user’s preferences etc as they use it. The AI brain can work out how to improve photo quality even as you’re clicking it.

Face ID

A red LED placed on the speaker left projects the dot pattern on your face for face ID, which is the biometric system of recognition in the Apple iPhone XS.

Battery life

Apple iPhone XS ReviewiPhone XS battery life is for a day, though the bigger battery of the iPhone XS Max is a little better. If you want your iPhone XS to be fast charged, you have pay for the fast charger separately (around 50 pounds!). For wireless charging, you have to pay more for the Qi charging dock. Don’t expect the headphone dongle too, in the pack!


The 512 GB internal storage is good news for those who love to click videos and photos and like to store them in their phones. BTW, 256 GB and 64GB options are available too.

Is it worth the price?

The price for the iPhone XS is 999 pounds and above. It is just the basic price, as you have to pay more for additional memory, wireless charging etc features. Get ready to shell out a cool 1,349 pounds to get all the features! If you’re dying to experience the latest smartphone tech and the incredible camera, it may be worthwhile to buy the Apple iPhone XS.

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