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Gaming has become much more than a means of escapist entertainment alone. While many might regard gaming as a waste of time, the truth of the matter is that there are many benefits to it when played in a time-controlled manner. Games that make us think improve memory and focus, making our senses sharper and enhancing our ability to take decisions at a faster rate. Social gaming strengthens our social bonds and builds trust. Whether you play games on your console, computer or on your tablet/phone, it is becoming apparent that augmented/virtual reality is the future of gaming. At GDC 2014 Sony unveiled Project Morpheus, its virtual reality head-mounted display which comes with a 1080p display and a 90 degree field of view, which demonstrates how serious developers are getting about virtual reality.


Nintendo has managed to bring families together with its innovative handheld controllers, which can be used as virtual tennis rackets, baseball bats and even as a pair of boxing gloves. People who scorned at computer games are now enjoying playing physical games on large screens with the entire family, removing all accusations that computer games can never match the health and social benefits of playing corporeal games outside the house.

In the world of evolving video games, there is a lot of demand for traditional games in the market. Yes, you have so much money being invested in the new age digital video game space but there are a lot […]

Cloud gaming is slowly yet steadily gaining ground. It is still in the initial stages but that has not prevented the gamers from dreaming about it. Popular gaming companies are also thinking of innovative ways for properly utilizing this new

We love playing video games; they are immensely entertaining and provide a great way to spend time. However, what is the most annoying part of these games are the bugs, we are so used to them that at times we

Although the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E4) 2014 did not see any new consoles, it saw plenty in the form of new gaming technologies that could very well change the gaming landscape in the coming years. Here are five of the

If you have not heard about Omni yet, then here is a quick recap. Omni is the next evolution in gaming technology with the power to strap you to a game literally. The technology was showcased at E3 2014 with

What makes a game truly engaging, besides the visual appeal and content of course, is the ability to defeat a friend (or foe, if you prefer) and laugh in his face if you manage to do so. When I first

Researchers have proved that a 12 year old boy is not the only one who is crazy for video games and wants their gadgets to become real but even scientists are game fanatics too. With the recent evolvement of fictional

Video game industry: what is it? The primary definition of video game industry would be a sector that is solely devoted to manufacturing and developing video games. The video game industry is quite well functional on a global level and

The video game industry: the current analysis

With growth of technology, gaming has become easier and simple for the younger generation. Varieties of games are now available over the phones, which are largely taken into use. The reason behind this is that, collection of games is huge

Risk taken by Nintendo with Super Wii U

Whether it’s swollen with pride for inculcating breakthrough 3D phenomena, adopting beautifully slaughtered sleek enclosures, or perking up the embedded graphics, gaming consoles have indeed walked an extra mile for gaming aficionados out there. And pre

7 best video game consoles of all time
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