Risk taken by Nintendo with Super Wii U

With growth of technology, gaming has become easier and simple for the younger generation. Varieties of games are now available over the phones, which are largely taken into use. The reason behind this is that, collection of games is huge along with that; it is easy to carry a phone instead of other handheld gaming consoles. The number one manufacturer of handheld gaming consoles, Nintendo has stated that, they would bring revolution in the gaming industry, as they are ready with their new handheld gaming console Wii U. The president of the Nintendo stated that, the future of gaming still centers across television machines along with handheld gaming consoles.


What is Super Wii U?

Another rabbit pops out from the hat of Nintendo and this time it is in the form of Super Wii U. This gadget has been manufactures by Nintendo and is said to bring in the change that is expected in the gaming world. President of Nintendo stated that, they have faced losses in the last quarter, but will recover and bounce back with production of Super Wii U. The renowned character Mario will be again seen in this new gaming zone. Having a 6.2-inch touch screen controller, it would give the users a fine experience of Mario. Experts of the gaming industry are stating that, it is a risk, which Nintendo is playing. Along with this, they also added that, Super Wii U could prove to be a trump card if it shows good and profitable result.


Why sale of Super Wii U is important

It was a bad financial year for Nintendo as they had lost their profit in sale of other handheld gaming consoles. This loss was faced because of delay in shipments related to marketing of the product. The president of Nintendo had to cut down the prices so that they can sale off the products. Experts from the industry are stating, sale of Wii U would determine the life of manufacturing handheld gaming consoles. In addition, they also stated that, if this does not work out, then Iwata, president of Nintendo has to look for some other business prospects.


The President even stated that, they are hosting a large launch party for Super Wii U so that people are able to understand the new gaming console with ease. Dates of launching Wii U has not yet been finalized, but the rates are expected to be put below the three hundred dollar mark so that it is easy for the users to get it.


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