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7 best video game consoles of all time

7 best video game consoles of all time
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Whether it’s swollen with pride for inculcating breakthrough 3D phenomena, adopting beautifully slaughtered sleek enclosures, or perking up the embedded graphics, gaming consoles have indeed walked an extra mile for gaming aficionados out there. And pretty much like anything else, if some pulled off the right strings so others hit the skids for not so obvious reasons. However, the ones that made an incredible mark couldn’t really be sidelined, given that hardcore gamers just got to enhance their interaction while new toddlers were simply egged on to explore the gaming world. Listed below are such 7 outstanding video game consoles of all time that not only refurbish gamers’ enthusiasm but also remain evergreen for what they endow. Take a look!

1. Microsoft X-Box

Microsoft’s venture into game arena came way back in November 2001 with X-Box which has been hogging the limelight ever since. The company’s first ever independent foray into game consoles not only stirred new waves for gamers, but also brought in several new possibilities. Enclosed in a pretty attractive chassis, the console however punches the clock with some really amazing titles, including Halo: Combat Evolved and Dead or Alive 3. As a hardcore gaming enthusiast, you can even exploit the targets of Project Gotham Racing and OddWorld: Munch’s Oddysee. So be it stunning graphics, strong background tracks or comfortable keypads, the video game console offers you almost everything as an interesting amalgamation.

2. Sony PlayStation

When others were somewhat swamped with upgrading levels in their famous titles, Sony took the command and announced its PlayStation console as a full-blown model. Released in September 1995, the device has been gaining momentum ever since for merging potent capabilities with a simple yet classic white structure. The game allows users to play several interesting games such as Twisted Metal, Ridge Racer and many others.

3. Nintendo Wii

Talk about the best gaming consoles and slipping by Nintendo’s dedication is just next to impossible. The attractively outlined Nintendo Wii not only caught attention the most for its removable cartridges, but also for an efficient motherboard. However, there were still some who raised their brows for certain embedded programming errors. Nevertheless, the model soared great heights for its elegant fabrication, powerful features and series of arcade games.

4. Sega Genesis

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Another video game console that kept gaming aficionados grooving to their tunes is Sega Genesis which witnessed its release in August 1989. The stylish device is graphically superior to many out there and stands distinguished for integrating killer sports games, range of quality arcade conversions and full support of Electronics Arts and Trip Hawkins. Now, tell us if you could latch onto anything better from the similar league.

5. Nintendo Game Cube

We also appreciate Nintendo’s decision to manifest a geometric cube with some incredible set of gaming functions planked inside. Made to rest in an adorable, super compact cube-shaped box framework, the game machine benefits from a unique storage medium – entitled Game-Cube Optical Disk (basically a proprietary format based on optical disc technology from Matsushita). The intention to ensure anti-piracy technology was applauded too (although, it was eventually cracked). Quite an appealing treat for gamers who enjoy time-gripping titles with pleasant looks endowed, Nintendo Game Cube makes a perfect pick. However not to forget by, you can also snap it up in hues such as platinum, indigo and black. The company has even unveiled a limited edition Resident Evil 4 Platinum and Black game console.

6. Microsoft X-Box 360

What’s next? Well, it’s Microsoft again with its not-so grizzled X-Box 360 model. Indeed one of the most outstanding video game consoles of all time, the successor to the original X-Box has a lot to talk about in its credits. Released in November 2005, the device blew many away with even better functions than the foremost variant. In fact, it has left no stones unturned in matching the strengths with Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution machines. Sporting a beautiful, exquisite look, the device boasts of its ergonomic controllers, HD graphical ability and advanced technology. Whether one wants to download games or movies, stream high quality videos or just treat their ears with some good music, X-Box 360 knows how to cast a spell. Indeed an outweighing console for its rich game selection and online capabilities, Microsoft’s mighty unit further completes your experience by rendering realistic, crisp and textured images to the players.

Some of the most striking games that churn out from the device include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Mass Effect 2, Halo 3, and Gears of War.

7. Sony PlayStation 3

Last but definitely not the least, Sony PlayStation 3 (launched in the year 2006) sums up our list for the best video game consoles of all time. The good-looking system lets gamers seamlessly indulge in immersive games and watch DVDs. Touted to be one of the highest selling consoles of all time, PlayStation 3 provides a right blend of pure aesthetics, detailed techniques, awesome graphics and a spectacular set of games. What’s more, playing games in real HD gets possible with Sony’s dedication around.

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