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10 most admired video game characters

Video games are electronic devices involving the interaction from human beings with a user interface to generate the effects of a video. During early days video games were called TV games, but over time these got renamed. Video games are classified into classical, serious and educational games, each having its own gameplay and set of adventures.

There are innumerable game characters making their mark on gamers today. All of them have been created to cater to a specific purpose in the game. Thus, each gaming character has a particular set of characteristics and specifications, making it different from others. Some of the best and the most admired characters from video games are as follows:

1. Mario

In 1981 Mario was created as a character for Donkey Kong Game and bacame famous all over the world. In the video game Mario, the character is a short pudgy plumber living in a mushroom kingdom. He works as a carpenter and is characterized by a large nose and western influence. Mario is now a part of more than 200 games and has even appeared in a film. He is the most famous character in the video game history.

2. Duke Nukem

The character of Duke Nukeman was created by Apogee software in the year 1991. Duke is a self proclaimed action hero starring in multiple sequels. He is a short haired muscled man with a gun in one hand. From 1991 to 1993, Duke Nukem became the best video game for PC users. The second series of the game was also released for the Game Boy Color platform. More than 3.5 million copies of the game have been sold so far.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

The spiky looks of Sonic has been a point of attraction for a number of children from many years. The game, Sonic the Hedgehog, is still listed as one of the best selling video games in the market. More than 80 million copies of the game have been sold till now. It was created by Sega in 1991 and the character became famous for its spin attack ability, in which, Sonic can roll himself into a ball and can run faster than the speed of light. This not only helps to defend himself but he can also attack his enemies easily. Sonic is a humorist and has been portrayed as a very adventurous person in the game. His debut appearance was in Sega Mega Drive.

4. Pikachu

Pikachu, 1.4 ft tall with a mouse like face, is one of the characters in the Pokemon series, which was developed by Game Freak. Pikachu is the main and most popular character of the game. He has also starred in the film “Hey, Yu Pikachu”. Pikachu’s specific trait is that he can transform himself into Raichu during thunderstorm. This makes transforms him into a strong and brave character. He is been chosen as the sole mascot in the game. Pikachu came from the word Pichu which means being very very happy.

5. The Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong andMario, both were released in the year 1981. Both the video games were a great success and brought a revolution in the history of video gaming industry. The main star of the game Donkey Kong is a doubled sized gorilla. His main role is to rescue his father, Mr. Senior Donkey Kong. He can climb very well and can get to the top screen, which amuses players. Donkey Kong has appeared in more than 20 video games.

6. Lara Croft

This particular lady character needs no introduction. The game Tomb Raider in which she featured for the first time was released in 1996. The game had 9 sequels including two movies, by Angelina Jolie playing the character of Lara. Numerous novels, comic books and theme rides of the game represents its fame and popularity. Lara symbolizes strength and courage, while being extremely feminine and sensuous. More than 8 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide till date.

7. Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist of the video game Half-Life Series. Gordon Freeman is a theoretical physicist who works in a Black Mesa Reasearch facility. Being a hero, he fights against the evil forces after an experiment conducted in the research lab went wrong. The character has the abilities to fight and remain alive even in the most hostile conditions. He never speaks in the game; his actions, eyes and expressions are his only communicators.

8. Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco’s character was created by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy in 1986 as the protagonist of the game Space Quest adventure series. Roger is a janitor whose main aim is to save the galaxy. He somehows gets his job done and even manages to get a girl for himself. He is sometimes considered as a perpetual loser and is underestimated during the gameplay. But at the end, he comes upfront depicting his real strength and pursues his aim efficiently. Unfortunately, the Space Quest series was shutdown in the late 1990’s due to some technical problems. However, many fan made projects exist across the web, giving a tribute to Roger Wilco.

9. Ryu Hayabusa

There is no other ninja as famous as Ryu Hayabusa. Every ninja wants to have Hayabusa in his team and the reason behind it is known to everyone – he can hack, heap, spin and can even spin all round. And with his poweful dragon he can chop any of his enemies. He is the man who shouldn’t be messed with on this planet. Ryu Hayabusa is an iconic and honorable character in the world of ninja; the best and truly unforgettable ninja in the history. He is the best maniac born till date and none of his enemies have the courage to face him.

10. Slippy Toad

Slippy Toad is the main character of Star Fox 64. This toad, a mechanical genius, is a valued member of the Star Fox Team. In the game he is known for giving useless advice whenever he opens his mouth. Moreover, his mechanical advice are of no use in the game. Critics are against his role in the game. But he still manages to impress the players by his importance among his skilled teammates and is, thus, a favourite. Everyone loves him as a person and values him.


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