Games with bugs that stare you right in the face

We love playing video games; they are immensely entertaining and provide a great way to spend time. However, what is the most annoying part of these games are the bugs, we are so used to them that at times we just ignore the bugs, but most of the time, the bugs ruin the gameplay and send the fun to the gutter.

Bugs or no bugs, we will always prefer games that are fun to play and present the best way to spend time. Some games with bugs still hold a great place in our hearts and sometimes do make the games very interesting. Here is a list of games that are the worst games consisting of bugs that made them awful and some that managed to shine despite bugs in the game.

Big Rigs video game

Big Rigs over the Road Racing

Big Rigs is poorly developed video games with numerous bugs in it. What make it the worst game on the list is that it fails to perform its basic functions such as the CPU opponent does not even moves in a straight-line path when the race starts. The racing truck just keeps on moving in straight line passing through every objects coming on its way instead of stopping or breaking down which is completely illogical.

While crossing the hills the vehicle you choose just automatically speeds up without any control of the user. When the truck passes after the racing line, it suddenly disappears on the bridge and then all of a sudden from nowhere appears again. All these fault makes this games frustrating.

Cheetahmen II

Cheetahmen II

Cheetahmen II was a terrible sequel to the already terrible Action 52. The enemies in the game can walk through the same platforms used by the cheetahmen and hit you anytime, as the cheetahmen keep on hopping through the air until the enemy hits it and then jumping from the platform onto the floor kills the user and you lose. In level three, the boss disappears in the midway while fighting that is the annoying part and so you cannot reach level four. It could be said that level 4 does not exist, since it is near impossible to complete level 3. All over this game is total glitch video game.

New iterations of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

New iterations of Sonic the Hedgehog prove that you should absolutely quit while you are ahead. The iconic name was dragged through the mud with new iterations of the game, especially the 3D versions. The game consisted of too many levels with less interesting characters performing boring tasks. The 3D camera provided little benefit to the user, but ensured massive annoyance. The game failed to bring a sense of speed and good control on the 3D world. The wordings used by the characters in the game were disappointing and embarrassing. The game was a real disappointment with lots of bugs.

Goat Stimulator

Goat Stimulator

Now this is a game you could never understand why you played it, and why you enjoyed. The whole concept is slightly weird. In this game, the goat stimulator sets you free in the environment allowing you to wreak destruction, instead of stimulating the mudane life of a goat.

The goat just keeps on falling on the ground, without any proper body movement control. The limbs of the goat often change their shape while passing through the air, or even in casual movement. The goat does not fly gracefully and twists in an uncontrollable manner in various positions. The goat stimulator is all over a painful game.

Jurassic park Trespasser

Jurassic park Trespasser

The concept of the game was good but failed to meet the competency. The game had a dodgy physics engine that saw weapons used by the players swishing form left to right in front of the faces. The dinosaur legs kept on twitching in an uncontrollable manner. The game seemed to be no fun.


Being a kid or a grown up games have always been our part of our memories. Some are remembered as the best games and some as the worst ones.


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