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Best tool tapping devices into cars for safe driving

Driving can be fun as well as can put you in bad situation. As there is a continuous increase in the number of people purchasing cars, road accidents have increased proportionally. These car accidents can result in loss of life. Not only this, cars are a very significant source of pollution. We all know that cars consume a large amount of fuel, which is laying stress on the environment and definitely affecting your bank balance.

With the reduction in the natural resources that are used to manufacture the fuel used in automobiles, we are increasingly in a precarious position as the fuel reserves are liable to run out soon. Here is a list of devices that will help you in improving your driving on habits that will not only ensure your safety but also help preserving the environment.



Dash helps the drivers in keeping their driving habits in check. The device monitors the behavior of the driver and gives the required feedback. It also keeps the record of each car trip that users have changed from journey to journey. All the information related to user driving is compiled into Dash scoreboard that user can further share to their known ones or keep it for their own benchmarking. In case of a problem that occurred in the car, like a breakdown, Dash will provide the user with complete details of the problem along with the estimated repairing cost.

VELO car app

VELO car

VELO car app is an app that guides the user to cut down the fuel usage. While driving, the app suggests tips for gas reduction and demonstrates how one can save gas by following different strategies. In addition to this, the app also tells the drivers performance and shows the score of carbon emissions related to fuel consumption.



Drive 5 displays the information about fuel economy and highlights the driver’s performance by comparing the previous routes driven by the user. It shows the performance in all metrics but does not uses numbers. Instead, the app uses a ring form like structure that signifies the current fuel economy, which grows as miles per gallon increases. If the program senses an improvement in driving that helps increase fuel efficiency, it triggers a change in color and increases size and display of metrics.



MyCarma allows the drivers to make use of a smart phone to record the driving data for a week and then upload the information to MYCarma. It gives all the details of the driving along with a driving profile. It also displays the report about how the driver can save on fuel by using predictive modeling. The app also offers you to make a choice of the three vehicles depending on the performance judged by the app and you can see how is their personal fuel economy performance when compared to vehicles with fuel economy label.

Fuel Economy coach

Fuel Economy coach

Fuel Economy Coach tells the drivers performance in the form of a visual cue. The performance is displayed by changing the color of whistle like structure and changes its color from green to yellow to red depending on the driver’s performance. It monitors the speed, acceleration and maintenance. It gives a record of amount of fuel used and wasted. It also helps the fleet manager to keep a check on their driver’s performance and can provide ideas on how to save fuel.


Technology has brought about many changes in the way of our living. It is useful to use available tools to get feedback on your driving, and use the tips and data to improve your skills to gain better efficiency in driving.


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